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Something New This Spring :: Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios Online

Note: All portfolios are now being posted to

Spring semester brought something new for the PR Style & Design class. They published their digital resumes and portfolios online.

The students completed their final projects this week. The links below lead to their digital resumes and portfolios.

In the past, some students took it upon themselves to do this. Each semester, more and more chose that path. So, I thought about having all the students stake their place online with a resume.

I think this is a positive opportunity. Already, some of the students have received positive feedback from those they’ve applied to for internships and jobs.

A diverse group, these students are either graduating, heading out to do their internships or about to search for internships/jobs. So, if you’re interested in hiring … check these links out now.

We’ve been doing a final project like this for years. But, this is the first time I’ve required the students to obtain a domain and publish their final projects online.

Here are the results … Continue reading


Social Media Press Release via WordPress Installation and Structured Blogging

For some time now, I have wanted to create a process through which students may practice creating versions of this new-fangled social media press release concept.

thumbnail of SMPR release formatNow, I have it. Simple, yet functional.

For our fall classes, we have created a new site: The Loveliest Village Newsroom. This is part of a larger site where students will be posting news and feature stories they will write and produce (audio and video) during the semester. The Loveliest Village utilizes blogs, a wiki, Flickr, and is intended to provide experiential learning.

I am looking for some help with this project, if any of you are interested. A skilled coder/developer willing to help adapt the structured blogging plugin will be particularly useful. The version I have modified will work, but it can be more fully developed.

Our newsroom will utilize WordPress and various plugins, including: Structured Blogging, podPress, WP Notable, WP Print, WP Lightbox JS 2 and Ultimate Tag Warrior. All of those will combine to allow posting releases featuring the major elements of a social media release (PDF) similar to the one suggested by Todd Defren.

Using this WordPress implementation, the posting will still require the use of code. This file of HTML/CSS code is one example of how we will accomplish the format.

This zip file is the adaptation I made to the showcase-person.xml file within the structured blogging plugin.

Overall, this is a simple modification, but it allows us to practice (a) HTML, (b) CSS, (c) writing skills, and (d) creating social media releases.

I have two primary reasons for doing this. First, I want to have a process by which my students may practice the various principles we are studying – writing and production (HTML, CSS, graphics, layout). Second, I would like for them to have a leg up on understanding the social media release upon graduation. We are still blogging and commenting, by the way.

I’ll write more later. I hope to have some very exciting news to share later this week.

Update: After doing all of this, I went over to listen to the latest (Sept. 4) edition of Social Media Club’s Social Media Cast 0.2 with Shel Holtz (FIR), Chris Heuer and Brian Solis. In that podcast, the group discusses how some corporations are considering doing their releases through a blog due to the high costs associated with doing it at one of the major press release distribution services. So, this is quite interesting. I believe that a modified WordPress or MT site can accomplish this process. Of course, the blogs won’t have the reach that one gains from services like PRNewsire or Business Wire, but it does reach the search engines.

Given the Social Media Club’s work on developing standards for such releases, we will be watching their work with interest.

Web Site Development Week :: HigherEd BlogCon

HigherEd BlogCon is still going on this week. The month long event concludes with Websites & Web Development. This is a good group of articles. Mike Richwalsky serves as Section Chair. Karine Joly and Rob Pongsajapan assisted in setting up the week of posts.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Legal Education Podcasting Project

John Mayer
Executive Director
Elmer Masters
Director of Internet Development

Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction/CALI

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Student To-Do List RSS Feed: Combining Audience and Task Navigation

Matthew Winkel
The College of New Jersey

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Using Web Traffic with a Kaizen Methodology

Tiffany Vincent
Academic Web Services

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Know Enough to be Dangerous: Tools for Taking Control of HTML and CSS

Steve Lawson
Colorado College

Bringing Audio to a Visual Medium: Podcasting News and Events

CASE Online Speaker Series
2:00-3:30 ET (Paid registration required.)

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Fast Track to Agile Web Apps: Best Practices for Higher Ed Web Development on Rails

Jason Garber
Eastern Mennonite University

infOpinions? Redesign :: I’m Playing. Be Afraid.

Danger, Will Robinson. If you are not interested in style & design, this post isn’t for you. I link below to most of the new themes for WordPress that I really find to be quite attractive as well as very well constructed. You will find photoblog themes, one administration area theme and many colorful and whitespace optimized blog themes.

…style & design
beauty with functionality is always the goal
remember, whitespace is your friend…

Hey, if you like looking at pretty designs, this post has links for you. So, if you are game – read on….

I have been wanting to redesign this blog, and several others I have going, for some time. During the holidays I’ll be playing with different ideas. Do you have any suggestions for some new WordPress themes that have been released recently?

Some of my favorites so far are:

K2 at Binary Bonsai is yet another truly nice theme from the creator of the famed Kubrick theme, Michael Heilemann, and Chris J Davis for WordPress. Kubrick is now the default theme for WordPress, for instance. But K2 goes much further. A one-column theme. Very pretty and getting lots of buzz online. It is still beta and seems destined for WordPress 2.0, but works with 1.5.2. Still, a pretty theme. Simple, clean and easy on the eyes.

All of the themes based upon the work of Andreas Viklund are just beautiful, to me. So, the following themes are especially nice:

WPAndreas03 v1.0: Somewhat similar to “Think Different” (you’ll see that one in a minute). This is a clean and pretty whitespace theme.

Kaushal Sheth’s WordPress Themes are very beautiful and quite clean, too. They share similar characteristics with work by Andreas, above. Or, vice versa. Don’t know if they’ve ever actually seen each other’s work.

And, there are many more great new themes, too.
Impact: A clean and modest business looking theme. Simple, but quite nice.
triSexuality: An interesting name. This is a ‘very’ colorful and clean them with three-columns. Very stylish.
Eclectic Theme for WordPress: Orange. Very sleek and pretty. A ‘different’ kind of design.
Kiwi: Great look, but I swear I can’t read it.
Phoenix Theme: Very clean and nice. But, a bit dark. However, that can easily be changed with the background color.
Think Different: A very “Mac” looking theme. Clean and lotso whitespace.

And, for something totally different, there is SpotMilk. Now that is actually a theme specifically aimed at the admin area of your blog. Great work.

How about a specific WordPress photoblog theme? Try Tan. This is really nice. Beautiful, in fact. Very clean and well done. This one should win prizes. Lots of prizes. And, the designer – Taly (Spanish) – has more Fotolog Themes to choose from, too.

I so hope that WordPress 2.0 will be released during the holidays. There has been a little scuttlebutt that it will, but we’ll have to see. I’ve already installed that a few times with the beta and two release candidates. It is looking sooooo good. WordPress has all of the other platforms beat – hands down. There will no longer be any question with 2.0. (Update: Just found that release candidate #3 is out. Get it here.)

I have already installed and slightly alterd the Exquisite theme. You can see it in action on this blog with this link. The theme is based upon the Andreas03 theme. The images will likely change, but I like the very “whitespace” look of the theme. Simple to read and so easy to navigate. It is a fixed-width theme. Some people don’t like those, but I do.

Update: Also found some very nice and well crafted themes from The English Guy – Richard Dows. Of particular interest are the News Print and Spick and Span themes. Can’t wait for those to be available for download. He’s doing some very nice work, so check it out.

Duke Web Site Redesign Blog :: Oh, Boy!

Ah, yes. Sweet happiness. You know how I love these college Web site redesign efforts via blog. Constantin Basturea kindly tipped me off to this one. He writes, “ (via CollegeWebEditor) I know you’re a fan :)” And, yes. I am. Thanks, Constantin. And, thank you Karine (, too.

Welcome “Redesigning the Website” to the college redesign social network. Good for them!

…(Duke) is moderating
this blog and may edit comments to promote
clarity, civility and relevance…

I made quite the goofball of myself with many posts about Cornell’s redesign project. I even nominated them for a Bob. They did pretty well, but their focus/audience was so narrow/niche, they couldn’t quite beat the broader sites.

So, could “Redesigning the Website” be my next cause celebre? Well, the title of the blog could use some work. However, it is quite literal. No confusing it with any other topic. šŸ˜€

Thus far, the blog has 10 posts and Whoa! 141 comments. Pretty good startup. The Office of News and Communications (ONC) is moderating the posts. That isn’t unreasonable. Hey, it is a university site. No need to have students writing their off-color comments in there. Oh, students would never do that now, would they?

The three posts that garnered the most interest so far are – not surprisingly – the ones with examples of the pending design.

Mock-up: Design 2 Homepage (59 comments)
Mock-up: Design 1 Secondary Page (29 comments)
Mock-up: Design 1 Homepage (19 comments)

Among the interesting comments? “Iā€™d like to see a mock up of #2 with images unrelated to science and technology. Although Iā€™m an engineer myself, I think it portrays too much ‘nerd’ and not enough humanities.”

If nothing else, these comments will aid the design group in forming questions for any focus / demo groups they may wish to put together before launching the new site. Previously, most of these observations probably came from IT pros and selected administration and faculty members. They might have thrown in a few students along the way. At Cornell, parents and alumni also joined in the discussions. Hope that happens for Duke, too. I did find one alum / parent post already.

This blog, by virtue of the comments and participation so far, is focusing more on style & design – user friendly GUI – and not so much the aura and history of the school. Much of the blog had some very entertaining comments about the school and how it should be portrayed in the portal’s design. This may well surface as the Duke blog is still young. Color (ah, Duke blue) has already surfaced, too. My experience in Web design has shown that color choice seems to be the primary concern of so many users.

This will be an interesting site to follow. I promise not to over post about this one. OK, well I’ll ‘try‘ to not over post about it. šŸ˜€ Can’t help it. I just think this is a great way to involve people in a conversation. It is especially interesting to see at places where, strangely, these kinds of decisions are ‘not’ ususally opened up to the core stakeholder groups. Involving your audience up front? Go figure. What a concept.