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Can Involvement in PROpenMic Lead to a Job? :: Allie Osmar’s Success Story

Shared from my post to the front page of PROpenMic

My goal in starting PROpenMic, the social network for students & faculty, was to provide a resource that would help all of us.

I’m happy to report one particular success story from that site. I’m looking for others, too. So, if you have such a story, please share it in the comments or write to me. See the post and video below. Continue reading


Live Blogging the Edelman / PR Week Education Summit in Chicago

In Chicago for the Edelman / PR Week 2008 edition of the Education Summit on New Media and PR.

I brought my laptop with webcam, as well as my Flip camera and cell phone for Utterz. I’m going to try and use the <a target=”_blank” href=”
COVERITLIVE.COM tool to bring you some info from the event.

So, here we go! Edelman/PRWeek New Media Academic Summit 2008

Visit the Summit main page for more information.

OK, I admit this attempt at using CoverItLive was sad. :o( Sorry. I found out, upon arrival at the event, that the Northwestern University Law School folks were not giving us access to their wifi. So, bummer.

I do have videos galore and will begin posting them tonight (Sunday, June 28).

It was a great conference and I thank Edelman and PRWeek for putting it on. Hope this has a long running life. We need more of these for edcuators. Edelman & PRWeek are, truly, leading the way in outreach to higher education.

Spring 2008 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

As we enter Summer 2008, I realized I forgot to post the resumes & portfolios from my most recent classes. So, here they are.

They’ve been cross-posted at PR Prospects, the site I started to promote our wonderful Auburn University PR majors.

Please check out the most recent group from Spring semester. They are a fun group and quite bright. OK, I’m biased.

Below you’ll find a group of students with a wide variety of PR interests. Some of them have graduated, or will soon, and you may be able to grab them for a job. So, please check out their offerings.

This semester, we’re stepping up the digital resume/portfolio project. More on that, later.

Continue reading

HighEdWebDev Conference Over, Now Off To Connect UGA

Wednesday I was fortunate to participate in a presentation with some great people in Rochester, NY at the HighEdWebDev conference. However, I was in Auburn, Ala. I joined the group via Skype.

The occasion was Dimitri Glazkov and Jeff Keeton‘s session Post-Conference Workshop 2.0. Thanks for inviting me, guys. I joined, among others, “Web 2.0’s uncle Chris FactoryJoe Messina” for the approximately 20 minute Skype conference portion of their presentation.

During the questions, I was asked the always difficult question, “So, what’s next? What is the next thing on the horizon?” Well, if I knew (if any of us knew), we’d invest in it and reap the rewards. I did not have the answer, because I don’t know what is next. I’ll post some more thoughts on that, next.

The opportunity was fun. I’ve spoken to the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama (IPSA) in Birmingham for these guys. They are always very nice and really smart. So, I appreciate any opportunity to interact.

You may remember that I have written about their work before – My Opinion: UAB Is A Leader In Online Higher Ed Creative Marketing and PR. Their work is quite remarkable.

Now, I’m off to the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications Connect Public Relations & Social Media Conference in Athens, GA. This will be fun. Evyan Mischke, an Auburn alum, will attend along with Jackie, one of the students from my classes this semester. Also, Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser, the director of AU’s PR program, is also attending. They will beat me to the conference. I have a previous engagement Friday, so I’ll join the fun on Saturday morning.

Among the large list of presenters are some we have interacted with during our class blogging experiences. So, we will get to see Josh Hallett of Hyku and Voce along with Paull Young from Converseon. We’ve met both of these fine gentlemen before. But, this will be a first time face-to-face meeting for me with Constantin Basturea, Converseon; Kaye Sweetser, University of Georgia; and Walter Carl, Northeastern University (Walter’s blog). Katie Delahaye Paine, of KD Paine & Partners, I did meet – briefly – when I spoke at the PRSA Counselors Academy conference in Savannah. That meeting was so brief (at the very end of the conference), however, so I’m hoping this will be my first real chance to perhaps get to say hi and really meet KD Paine.

Congrats to Karen Russell for putting together this conference. They have already started their conference blog: UGA Connect. So, follow along as folks will be live-blogging the proceedings. Visit Karen’s blog at Teaching PR, too.

Summer 2007 Class PR Blogs

This summer, all my classes are mini-mesters. Think about it. A class that usually takes 15 weeks, all packed into five weeks … pretty much in class all day.

Well, despite the flurry of activity all packed into five weeks, we will still be blogging. In fact, we will be video blogging. Yeppers! More on that later.

This is the complete list. Students began blogging today, so please check in and comment. They will appreciate your support.

Online Delivery of Broadcast Ready Video :: Alabama’s Governor and AU Grad

For some time I’ve wondered about the possibility of pitching broadcast quality video to local stations via the web. Oh, I know it is done. But, that’s for large corporations or PR firms, for example. With the growth of online newsrooms and the reach of broadband access today, I’ve wondered if it is more viable today. And, more importantly, even doable for medium to small PR efforts.Gov. Riley opens E-85 Pumps

I believe the answer is now a resounding Yes!

I realize this example is from a Governor’s Office, but the technology required to accomplish it – and the ease of doing it – now proves, to me, that this is doable for others to begin considering video delivery to TV stations.

A camera capable of producing this video is now available for approximately $1,000 and the rest of the requirements – like hosting – are now available for as little as $25 per month. So, why not try it?

Here’s the latest example I’ve learned of, from a former student.

Most recently the Alabama Governor’s Office has offered up two videos and had pickup from state TV stations.

Why do I mention this now? Well, it is being done by a former student, Todd Stacy. How cool.

Todd has been providing a password protected FTP download for the stations, and some have been taking him up on the offer. The downloads are not all that big. Certainly the file sizes are several gigabytes, but that has not stopped stations from taking the release and using it.

I think this is much more likely for the future than we think it is. I believe that Alabama, through Todd’s efforts, is way ahead of other states in doing this. Can anyone tell me of other such efforts?

Congrats to Todd for the great work, by the way. We love to tell you about our graduates!

StoryCrafter by Edelman :: My Take

Before writing this post, I prepared a long post filled with notes and comments about StoryCrafter.

…StoryCrafter is a CMS adaptation of the works of many people with the goal being to further development of the SMNR…

However, having watched and read the comments and posts made by some re: StoryCrafter, this post seems more appropriate now. Perhaps I’ll post that long review, of sorts, later on. It is ready in drafts.

I don’t know, I’m funny in that I like to keep all things in perspective whenever possible. So, a little perspective.

First, and foremost, the problems with releases today has little, if anything, to do with how they are delivered, nor how they are formatted. Period.

The problem with releases today is, first of all, the writing of said releases. Next, the problem with releases is that way too many are being released. They don’t contain actual news.

So, with that covered, we turn to another reality of social media releases.

Take a pie. A big pie. Cut a sliver, oh … say angel hair width. Got it? Well, that sliver drastically over represents the people in the world today that likely have any desire to receive such a release. In fact, you could likely cut that sliver into 1,000,000 parts and 1/1,000,000th would represent the journalists, alone, that would likely want to receive such a release. Truth is, no one knows. There has been no research into the question – that I know of, to date. And, actually, I’m probably over estimating the percentage in each case.

The social media release is just one of many issues being discussed and tinkered with in public relations today. We want to know about it. It is interesting. That is all.

So, with a bit of perspective established, here are my thoughts … if you care. It is long. I’m really just writing for my students (I can make them read it) and for myself as a note taking process.

First, some of the comments left on the first Edelman StoryCrafter SMNR are ridiculous. Seriously. Others actually give ridiculous a bad name. Then, some are fair observations and suggestions. Go look for yourself. I don’t think you’ll need any guide from as to which ones are goofy. Continue reading