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Testing Utterli Podcasts In Class

Yep, took me long enough to explain this, didn’t it. :o)

We were testing Utterli (formerly Utterz) in class. I showed students how it could be automatically posted to your blog.

Students will do their own Utterli podcast interview to include in their final project.

I like Utterli for a lot of reasons. It is perhaps the simplest of audio podcasting tools to use. Utterli may be used to record interviews at events like conferences, live events for organizations, really any kind of interview.

At any rate, we’ll see how this goes in the final projects. Stay tuned.

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Digital Portfolios :: Some basics about how we do, what we do, with digital portfolios and resumes

Email provided two requests for information about how we create our digital portfolios in class activities. So, I thought I’d share the information I sent them.

I’ve shared this information with numerous academics over the years. Just realized, I’ve never really posted all of this information in one place. Well, aside from our class syllabi.

So, in a very conversational tone, here we go. Critiques and suggests are, as always, appreciated. I’ve pretty much pasted the email I sent below. Continue reading

Interns at ASCCA Begin Their Summer Social Media Campaigns

Each summer, interns from around the country visit Camp ASCCA.

This summer, we’ll be doing podcasts using Utterz. I’ll give them a prepaid phone they can carry with them to the activity areas. While taking photos and videos, they can also grab a quick audio interview easily embedded in the camp blog as well as the camp’s social network, ASCCA Friends.

It struck me that this is a very inexpensive way to add one more multimedia layer with fun interviews to the camp’s efforts. For instance, below you’ll see one of their first video offerings.

The idea behind the Utterz podcasts comes from a realization that the students have to manage their time. We’ve found that the time spent editing video, and creation of their converged news packages for media relations offerings to newspapers, limits the amount of time they have to do audio editing, too. I missed the podcasts and they had a pretty strong download history. So, using Utterz allows us to keep audio in the mix. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes. Maybe it will also drive some new traffic to the site.

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends

Interview with Kellie Matthews and Lisa Poplawski :: University of Oregon

The subtitle of this podcast could quite easily be, “Ducks are Cool!”.

I was fortunate to have Kellie Matthews and Lisa Poplawski join me for an interview some weeks ago. Sadly, I goofed the recording and there were pops and hisses … just a general bad audio hair day, so to speak. So, they very kindly agreed to a Mulligan interview. I am grateful.

Kelli blogs at PRos in Training and Lisa blogs at Crisis in Conversation. Please check out their blogs and I’ll offer a bit of bio information here.

Kelli Matthews - University of OregonKelli Matthews: “Teaching public relations is also about helping students figure it all out – from the nitty-gritty of writing to the big picture strategic thinking and from stress management to the job search. I teach public relations at the University of Oregon. I have both my BA and MA from the UofO. In addition to teaching, I co-own a PR and graphic design firm, Verve, with my sister and biz partner, Amy Miller. You can check it out here:”

Lisa Poplawski - The University of OregonLisa Poplawski: “Lisa Poplawski … a senior at the University of Oregon. 21 years old, I’ll be graduating with a BS in Journalism and Economics this spring. A strange combination, I know, but starting at Oregon’s J-school, we were required to take Econ 201 and 202, and I just fell in love. The combination turned out to be fitting, however, as I’ve just turned in 16 law school applications over Christmas break, and will be attending law school this coming fall with not just logical and analytical skills from my Econ major, but I might be able to write a little bit as well.”

I’ve enjoyed watching the social media efforts of many other universities. The University of Oregon is yet another school that is embracing emerging digital media in their classrooms. The good aspect? They do it well. Their faculty and students are great. So, that’s the reason for this podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

The podcast is 28mb and runs 29:24.

Social Network for College & University PR Students and Faculty ::

One place for all PR students and faculty to meetup and mashup ideas about emerging digital media. That’s been my dream.

Sure, we’ve been creating our blogs and podcasts. We’ve been following each others writings and media. All fun. All good. But, there really hasn’t been one place for everyone to do a meet and greet … until now. is the place.

PROpenMic? A metaphor. Step up and speak your mind. Our goal is to be the social network for PR students and faculty worldwide. We have common interests, goals and certainly can learn from one another. logo

The site is open to practitioners, too. So, if you’re interested, please come and join in the discussion.

We can share documents, audio, video … a music / podcast player, forums, blogs & photo albums for each member … RSS feeds, photo albums, and more. Already people are blogging and four forums have begun – PR Syllabi & Resources, PR / Marcom Pros, Faculty and Students. We can start more, too.

Connect & Collaborate

I love sharing and learning. No better way to do that than to interact with your peer groups, right? So, my hope is that we can all come together – from around the world – and connect in this community.

The site is built upon the platform, so it has a sort of Facebook-like appeal. The difference? No ads. No apps sending you numerous emails. Just PR people. Hey, I like Facebook for connections, but to do what we wanted to do … a mashup of content in one place … we had to have our own platform, in my opinion.

Meetup, Mashup & Share

Already, in one day, we have people signing up. Blogs, forums & video sharing are already seeing a bit of activity. We want more, though. Interest has come in from Asia, Europe, North America & Australia. How about you? and your students?

I realize that starting this at the end of a semester isn’t the ideal time. But, I had an epiphany on Sunday night and just started building the site. By Monday morning it was essentially ready to go, so I shared in Twitter and through an email to about two dozen people.

Please Join

I’m seeking your support, please. Share with your students, fellow faculty, PR/Marcom colleagues and more. Sign up yourself and there is a very easy “invite” process for you to use. Thank you.

Note: will never sell or share your email address or personal information with anyone else. You choose what to share on the site. This is a nonprofit academic project, primarily for the benefit of our students. No cost. No ads.

And, just so you’ll know … This is for real, too. No April Fool’s silliness, here … unlike this one from Google. Hat tip to Brett Pohlman for that one.

EDB @ UGA :: Fun and Valuable Conference for Students and Educators

The Edelman Digital Bootcamp was an enjoyable experience.

Many thanks to all of the very kind people at UGA for hosting my students and many others from various colleges and universities around the southeast. UGA’s Kaye Sweetser (so this is mass communication?) and Karen Russell (Teaching PR) had their students in top form putting on this conference. Also, thanks to Phil Gomes, Erin Caldwell and the many Edelman PR pros that came all the way down to help us all.

I took seven Auburn students and I’m thinking they had a pretty good experience, too.

The UGA students did a wonderful job putting on the project. Didn’t see a glitch or hiccup in the whole day’s events. Congrats!

During the conference, class activities for students were discussed. Podcasting (both video & audio) was one such experiential activity. The video and audio below are examples I created yesterday.

First, the video was recorded with an inexpensive video camera from Flip Video and features UGA PR student Jenny Reid.

Second, there are two audio podcasts using Utterz. I like their easy-to-use podcasting service.

Utterz is a simple free process which allows you to call a number (1-712-432-6666) to make a recording. Your account recognizes your phone number and posts your recording to your account. You may also send videos and photos to your account by emailing them to

To see the three examples of podcasts (2 audio, 1 video), check out the rest of the post … Continue reading

Lindsey Loughman :: UGA / Edelman Digital Bootcamp

It is UGA Week at infOpinions. Our recent interview with Ashley Beebe led to a pitch from Lindsey Loughman to do a podcast about the upcoming Edelman Digital Bootcamp. I will be attending, along with some Auburn students, and very happy to oblige Lindsey’s request.

After all, students out there pitching and working on a campaign … hey, ya’ gotta pitch in and support them.

The Edelman Digital Bootcamp is taking place at UGA on Saturday, March 1, 2008. Details are available here, at their Web page. Lindsey shared that, as of this recording, several non-UGA student slots are still available. Also, several more faculty slots are open. The registration fee is very reasonable and the benefits are, in my opinion, quite worth the trip.

Our own alum, Erin Caldwell, is the lead for this conference – a joint effort between Edelman and UGA’s Grady College. Erin is a Senior Account Executive in the Edelman Washington, D. C. office. We’re quite proud of her.

To get you up to date on the event, here are a couple of good links for you:

Lindsey was a joy to interview. She’s active in many blogs, just check out her Blogger profile to see them all.

UGA PR Research Team

Photo: From a previous project (not the EDB project), Lindsey is pictured above, second from the right. That undergraduate research team included (l-r) Kristen Smith, Amy Chandler, Laura Jakstadt, Rachel Turner, Lindsey Loughman and Heather Wrye. (Source: Grady News)

The interview is below. It is 18.9 mb and runs 19:45.   We’ve upgraded to the latest Podpress software, so … click the Play button below (and a player will appear) or Play in Popup, or download it. Whatever makes ya’ happy.