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Online Delivery of Broadcast Ready Video :: Alabama’s Governor and AU Grad

For some time I’ve wondered about the possibility of pitching broadcast quality video to local stations via the web. Oh, I know it is done. But, that’s for large corporations or PR firms, for example. With the growth of online newsrooms and the reach of broadband access today, I’ve wondered if it is more viable today. And, more importantly, even doable for medium to small PR efforts.Gov. Riley opens E-85 Pumps

I believe the answer is now a resounding Yes!

I realize this example is from a Governor’s Office, but the technology required to accomplish it – and the ease of doing it – now proves, to me, that this is doable for others to begin considering video delivery to TV stations.

A camera capable of producing this video is now available for approximately $1,000 and the rest of the requirements – like hosting – are now available for as little as $25 per month. So, why not try it?

Here’s the latest example I’ve learned of, from a former student.

Most recently the Alabama Governor’s Office has offered up two videos and had pickup from state TV stations.

Why do I mention this now? Well, it is being done by a former student, Todd Stacy. How cool.

Todd has been providing a password protected FTP download for the stations, and some have been taking him up on the offer. The downloads are not all that big. Certainly the file sizes are several gigabytes, but that has not stopped stations from taking the release and using it.

I think this is much more likely for the future than we think it is. I believe that Alabama, through Todd’s efforts, is way ahead of other states in doing this. Can anyone tell me of other such efforts?

Congrats to Todd for the great work, by the way. We love to tell you about our graduates!


More Upgrade News :: How To Podcast at

Podcasting just got a lot easier. And, it is essentially free – except for the time spent creating your content. There is a lot of open source software available to create content, too. The camera for video, well – that’s another story. But, some very good digital camcorders – with hard drives – are available for less than $500. Your cellphone video will do quite well, too.

Podcasting – both video and audio – is now possible, and pretty easy to do – at

It is actually possible to podcast without spending a dime on Web hosting or server space. Using available social media network sharing sites, you may load all of your files into their collections and display them on your blog at

The added bonus here is – you get the benefit of all those people searching the sites listed below. This will mean added opportunities to push traffic to your blog. So, we are reminded, once again, that – organic search extends further than Google and Yahoo!, searches. You can gain traffic from the searches at social media sites, too.

You may host your own audio and video files – for free – at any of these sites:

You may also post video from DailyMotion and iMixes from iTunes. For information about iTunes iMixes, check out this story at the Washington Post. (Subscription may be required, but I got in without one.)

Remember. You are responsible for only posting videos and audio, and any other content, for which you retain ownership or own the rights to publish on the Web. Don’t steal. That’s not nice.

For the complete details, visit for a simple “How To” explanation. banner

Emily Melton and CSTV Mission: SEC Team Win Three MarCom Awards

Remember when we shared the exploits and adventures of our lovable Auburn grad Emily Melton and CSTV’s Mission: SEC Football?

Congratulations to Emily Melton and the entire CSTV Mission: SEC team for winning three MarCom Awards this year…

The previous posts were Emily Melton Takes SEC Football on a Wild 100 Day Ride and Mission SEC Football :: New and Notable on iTunes.

Emily Melton CSTV

The project ended yesterday when the clock wound down on the SEC Championship in Atlanta, GA. Florida Wins SEC With a 38-28 Win Over Arkansas.

Well, there is more news. Great news.

All of their hard work and travels across the nine states that make up the SEC – all the while creating videos, blog posts and the “CLOG,” a comic book blog – have paid off.

CSTV Comic BlogCSTV’s Mission: SEC Football won three – count ’em, three – MarCom Awards. The MarCom Awards are “the largest global marketing communication awards competition.” The big news is that “’s Mission SEC Football web site won three prestigious MarCom Awards, including Platinum for best overall web site.” Those quotes from an email Emily shared. Thanks, Emily – and congratulations. We love ya’.

Here is Emily in just one of the many videos they created during the 100 day odyssey. (CSTV doesn’t allow embedding of their videos. Goobers! Think viral.) 😉

Here are the details:

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Agrimarketing: AgWired Leads the Way for the Evan Slack Network

AgWired is a site I’ve been impressed with for some time now. It is the brainchild of Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman. They had this funny idea about “Talking News Releases.”, long since renamed to AgWired or the ZimmCast podcast.

…farmer podcasts seemed a bit of a novelty, at first but, Chuck and Cindy changed my mind about that quickly..

I first wrote about the site in December 2004. Then, after their redesign, I revisited the site in February 2005. They had finished experimenting and now had a full-blown site with all manner of blogs, social media and multimedia.


AgWiredWell, fast-forward about a year later and they are really proving quite successful using social media in agriculture marketing. And, let us remember that success (as in metrics) is a relative thing. For Chuck and Cindy’s key stakeholders, their stats from the link above seem – to me, at least – to be quite impressive.

Now, as role models to other agrimarketers, Chuck and Cindy have influenced others to follow suit in the agriculture marketing sector. Meet Evan Slack of Denver, CO. He has been a member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting for 50 years and now has a blog. And, he’s advertising on Chuck and Cindy’s blog, too. Question: Chuck and Cindy, is Evan one of your clients?Evan Slack

Today, Evan Slack may be heard on 50 radio stations in 9 states – KS, MT, NE, WY, ID, OR, NV and UT.

This could be a lot of fun. I did farm reports years ago on radio. Evan has a 50 year history in the business. Wonder if he has any recordings of those old broadcasts? Wouldn’t it be interesting to post, for nostalgia’s sake, some of those old broadcasts? I’d listen to a few.

Evan, here’s some unsolicited blogging / podcasting advice. Agrimarketing and agriculture news are a natural fit for social media. Honest. The audio, video and images of the people and topics are ripe for sharing.

I’m really writing this for anyone, but Evan wrote to me about his new site. So, I’m using him as an example. Evan didn’t ask for the advice, but – then again, I didn’t ask for the email. 😉 Evan seems like a nice guy. Maybe this will help.

We’re going to briefly cover digital audio, video and photos.

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Dove Real Beauty Campaign :: Super Bowl Ad Reach on a Dime

As we continue to discuss viral videos in class, here are a few more examples of success for you to consider. Let us remember, although they spent more than a dime – to be sure – the cost was likely not equal to the production and ad expenditures for a traditional advertising campaign.

Kevin Dugan, of Strategic Public Relations, directs us to the latest news about dove evolution from Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto.

…viral video offers new opportunities, but how do we gauge results and acheive results for those with miniscule budgets…

Two Advertising Age articles show how viral videos brought the ad reach equivilent to a Super Bowl advertisement to Unilever/Dove for a fraction of the dollars. It also likely generated more, and for a longer duration, word-of-mouth buzz for the products. Add to that the personal and emotional appeal of the videos and we begin to see how viral can work wonders. Can it work for everyone? No, not likely. But, as with all strategies and tactics, sometimes they work like a charm.

First up is Jack Neff with Better ROI From YouTube Video Than Super Bowl Spot, Dove’s Viral Hit ‘Evolution’ Is a Real Beauty.

With not a penny of paid media and in less than a month, “Dove Evolution,” a 75-second viral film created by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, for the Unilever brand has reaped more than 1.7 million views on YouTube and has gotten significant play on TV talk shows “Ellen” and “The View” as well as on “Entertainment Tonight.” It’s also brought the biggest-ever traffic spike to, three times more than Dove’s Super Bowl ad and resulting publicity last year, according to

Next up is Bob Garfield’s review of the spot: Tackling Ugly Truth, Dove Effort Evolves Beautifully, New Spot Punctures Our Anorexic, Breast-implanted, Tricked-up Barbie Doll Fantasies.

This Dove ethic corresponded so nicely with the lessons of inner beauty our parents always taught us, and with what sounds morally right, that it resonated far and wide. Never mind that it conflicts with all of our actual experience from the time we enter kindergarten. We all wish for it to be so, and so we credited Unilever with taking a stand.

At which point, the Dove Campaign for Wishful Thinking began evolving into something truly special.

Watch the videos: Dove Evolution and Dove Film. The first is a morphing-style video that shows a young woman transformed into a cover girl beauty through makeup, hair extensions, and the wizardry of Photoshop. The second is of younger girls expressing their frustration with body image in middle and high school. Pretty powerful stuff, really.

Combined, just the videos from Oglivy’s Tim Piper alone equal 1,212,750 views to-date. Add to that the views of the 100K+ related videos (consumer generated, for the most part) and you see the ground swell of attention. When I click on “Related” videos (sorted for “Relevance”) and just count the views for non-Tim Piper videos, the count is around 300,000 – on just the first page of results. That’s pretty impressive. Understatement.

Finally, we should not forget that this campaign had many agencies working on it with a variety of tactics and strategies. It brought Edelman and Dove/Unilever a Silver Anvil award in 2006.

Now, let us go in search of those videos that work successfully for a smaller organization with a miniscule budget. Face it, although the Dove campaign cost much less than a Super Bowl ad, their budget is still way out of reach for small organizations – particularly nonprofits. So, can we find them? Are they out there? Look around and report back.

Robert Scoble Interviews Australian Wiki Providers

We have discussed wikis in class. The most recent example, aside from our own exercises, relates to a former student that pitched wikis to her new bosses – Wall Street lawyer-types doing mergers and acquisitions.

…wikis are powerful tools and this video will provide you with a few new ways to think about using them…

Her bosses took her suggestion to heart and, as she recently reported to me, they have the IT department working on implementing them for their business practices.

Pod Tech LogoRobert Scoble’s ScobleShow offers an interesting interview with Mike Cannon-Brookes, CEO of Atlassian and Jonathan Nolan, director of Atlassian’s developer relations. Their firm is offering “Enterprise Wikis, Project Management, Bug Tracking … (or) enterprise software solutions to the world’s leading organisations.”

Cannon-Brookes made one remarkable statement. He revealed that among Atlassian’s customers “pretty much every major American investment bank is a customer.” He also noted that SAP and Oracle are customers of his company.

So, students may gain a little insight into who and why companies are using wikis from this interesting interview. Go watch it, please.

Update: Speaking of wikis, here are two Peanut Butter wikis from UK educators Richard Bailey and Philip Young. These are fine growing resources. The mediations – Resources for students of PR, Journalism, Social Software, Media Ethics and the PR BOOKS – Recommended sources for public relations wiki. And, as always, we can not forget the NewPR/Wiki from Constantin Basturea.

Mission SEC Football :: New and Notable on iTunes

Jeremy Pepper – POP! PR Jots – tipped me off to this recent development regarding Mission: SEC Football. That project features our own beloved alum Emily Melton. Thanks, Jeremy.

Mission: SEC is just one example of our students gainfully employed in social media…

Their site is now listed in iTunes (Subscribe to podcast). In fact, Sunday evening Mission SEC iTunes listing their podcast was listed in iTunes’ “New & Notable” section. Congrats to Emily and the members of her team. The site is filling up with many interesting videos as they trek across the SEC for 100 days leading up to the Dec. 2nd SEC Championship game. Visit the site. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Mission SEC iTunes listing