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What We’re Up To These Days…

Our current projects are Auburn Family and PRProspects.  Auburn Family is an almost daily posting site.  PRProspects features the final projects of Style & Design.  Come visit us there.



New York Times :: Win a Trip To Africa with Nick Kristof

Win A Trip to Africa

Do Online Reporting / Videos for the NYTimes

This is an exciting opportunity. It would be wonderful if an Auburn student or a student member of PROpenMic won, wouldn’t it?

Phil Gomes, Senior Vice President of Edelman Digital, posted this to PROpenMic. I’m sort of reposting it here in blogs, too, in an attempt to get your attention. This is a great opportunity!

I’m pleased to invite you to apply for the 2009 Win-a-Trip contest. As I wrote in my column, I will take a university student with me on a reporting trip to Africa, giving the student a chance to blog for and to file videos to The Times and Youtube. — excerpt from Nicholas Kristof

See the story in the New York Times, Win a Trip!

Get the complete details here: Contest Rules, How to Enter, and more…

Visit the New York Times video channel on YouTube to see the Nicholas Kristof video.

I don’t guess I need to tell you how this opportunity would likely lead to a wonderful job opportunity in the future. Read the article and read the contest rules. Please consider applying. It is a once in a lifetime challenging adventure! Go for it!

I would love to see a student we’re involved with win this!

Observations and Revelations from Social Media

Preparing to get into the swing of things, re: classes, I spent some of the weekend looking around at what is happening in social media. Not too much with direct PR implications, but did find a few interesting news items and activities.

The news of Michael Deaver’s passing was quite sad. Deaver, a master – if ever there was one, had been serving as vice chairman of Edelman in Washington, D.C. Politics aside, this is one person that had an enormous impact on media relations. He changed it dramatically. I so hoped our former students, a few of them working there now, would have the opportunity to get to know him. Our sympathies and condolences to Mr. Deaver’s family and those at Edelman. Continue reading

Memes, memes, memes …. Eight Random Bits

Kelli Matthews, of PRos in Training, and teaching PR at the University of Oregon, has tagged me for the 8 Random Bits meme.

Kelli was tagged by Nedra Weinreich. Nice to meet you Nedra. My iPod is in the truck, so I’ll foresake the song titles, although I like that idea, too. And, OK … I know this is link bait … but, what the heck. I’ll keep it in the family, so to speak. Here we go … Continue reading

Thinking Bloggers

The most wonderful, and very nice, Susan Getgood has tagged me for a meme making its way around blog world. Thanks, Susan. I haven’t been posting as much lately and this helps me get back in the swing of things.

This is the “Thinking Bloggers” meme, or – as the originator calls it – “5 Blogs That Make Me Think”. Yes, it is link bait, to be sure. But, I like Susan. She’s been good to me and my students. So there.

The down side to this is, I can only list five bloggers (if I follow the rules). Up front with you, beware … I’m about to break the rules. There are many more than five that truly make me think. Still, even by breaking the rules, forgive me if you aren’t on this little list.

So, here goes my contribution to the Thinking Blogger meme. Kent Newsome tagged five, who eventually tagged Susan and the meme continues … Continue reading

Testing’s WordPress and Other Hosting


nteresting new site,

They offer auto installs of WordPress blogs. I created one here: “Test Blog” and it only took a few minutes. You get a subdomain, but you may also redirect a domain you own to the site. So, it is essentially complete hosting.

You also get:

Disk space usage: 40mb
three (3) MySQL databases
and three (3) MySQL users

So, you can have three different sites in one hosting.

Their application installer will also install the following programs for you. The links below will take you to each platform’s development site. Check out each platform and see what it can do for you.

osCommerce – an ecommerce platform for Online Merchants
MyBB – a bulletin board / forum platform
– a blog platform (beta)
MyLittleForum – a bulletin board / forum platform
– a very robust CMS site platform
Xoops – a portal CMS platform
gallery – an image gallery platform
SMF – Simple Machines Forum / Bulletin Board
WordPress – likely the best blog platform of all
Joomla – a powerful CMS – “Mambo-like”
wikiwig – a wiki collaboration platform
ZenCart – an ecommerce platform for Online Merchants
tikiwiki – a wiki collaboration platform
cutenews – news management platform
coppermine – an image gallery platform
Nucleus – a blog platform
bBlog – a blog platform
4images – an image gallery platform
phpBB2 – a bulletin board / forum platform
UseBB – a bulletin board / forum platform

That is especially cool. Truly, it is now easy for individuals to experiment with all of those platforms. This could be the makings of an excellent education resource, alone.

Now, it isn’t quite as simple as all that – as in, one-click and you’re done. But, it isn’t too many clicks, at all. You do have to go through a database setup process. It isn’t hard and doesn’t take long. But, for those new to web hosting, it might be a bit of a struggle. I hope starts putting up some help files. That would spur on more users.

That’s pretty cool. I wonder how long they can sustain this “free” hosting offer. And, I wonder what their goal is for the future? It would seem that advertising is the only way they can sustain the offering, absent requiring fees for hosting.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The strangest thing about my upload experiences to-date? They will allow .js files but when trying to add a new theme, the server stopped only – .css files. Very strange. I submitted a support ticket. We’ll see if it is just a glitch. I think they’re just now getting started, so glitches can be expected. Hope the site grows and succeeds. It will be a good resource.