Mr. Tweet Enables Spam on Twitter

Jeremy Pepper shared the following on Twitter, @jspepper.

@jspepper: I’m beginning to hate @mrtweet.

I felt compelled to respond with the following:

RT @jspepper: I’m beginning to hate @mrtweet. :o) Agreed. Relationships should grow organically, not en masse via flawed search algorithms.

@MrTweet ‘s use of the word “influencers” is a misnomer. They have vetted nothing more than keywords. Sigh.

By definition, algorithms solve problems. Mr. Tweet creates problems via enabling Twitter spam. @MrTweet

To expand upon that, I’m wondering who among us would choose an opt-out of Mr. Tweet search, if Mr. Tweet offered one? @MrTweet are you listening?

I wonder if Twitter is listening? Would they block access by one of their, I’m guessing, prized *46K plus followers* popular 3rd party apps? The number of ridiculous requests to follow has exponentially increased since Mr. Tweet came on the scene. Mr. Tweet, it seems, is more than happy to enable others to ping dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of users – as long as it broadens Mr. Tweet’s base.

I’m doubting Twitter would block @MrTweet as the app enables Twitter’s growth. Is @MrTweet a sign of a shark jump on the horizon?

This raises a question. Are third party applications actually detrimental to applications? We’ve seen 3rd party apps cause great unhappiness on Facebook. Now, as Twitter gains prominence, 3rd party apps are making people very unhappy, too.

Sites like Twitter find themselves in a quandry. They want to encourage 3rd pary applications as they help lead to greater numbers of users. The desire for growth, it seems, outweighs caring about spam and the opinions of current adopters.

I haven’t seen a lot of discussion about these quandries, so I’m wondering what you think?


0 thoughts on “Mr. Tweet Enables Spam on Twitter

  1. Diana

    a healthy communication network can handle a certain amount of all types of input. however when automated, impersonal and pervasive spam-type messages take over then I feel twitter will lose a lot of followers who love the service for its genuine value to the followers.

    I personally prefer the organic slow growth of my list of followers and apart from the Ponzi experiment have not chosen to join programs that increase your following dramatically, mainly because i want to get a feel for who I am following and who follows me.

    O love it when someone who resonates with my values and reality to some extent decides to follow me. it is the Law of Attraction in action!

    summary point build relationships, not spamships!

    Diana Twitter ID DianaRusso

  2. Robert

    Hey, Diana. Thanks for the comment and the follow on Twitter. I followed back. Look forward to reading your posts.

    To me, Twitter and other social networks should first enable as many safeguards as possible, before allowing 3rd party apps to use their API. If Twitter would just require opt-out functions (easy to find and use) they could stem this tide of useless pinging Mr. Tweet causes.

    Sad, really, because Twitter has such potential, yet they seem on track to face the same growth problems that Facebook experienced, for example. Growth of their own user base seems to outweigh protecting their users.


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