Yes We Can :: AlObama

Today is a great day.

I grew up in the era of segregation. Tonight brings tears to my eyes.

My sister tells me that Mother went to Selma for the second march, the one that ended in prayer – not violence.  I grew up seeing and hearing about these things.  Ugly things.

Segregation was an ugly period.

To be sure, there were some kind, caring and even fun times.  I remember being taken to the black high school’s football games by my baby sitter, Georgia. She was a wonderful woman and those were great times.

Still, there were ugly times, too.

Yet, some people came out of it all and taught us all lessons. There are many people from those days that I still look up to with reverence today.

My childhood friend, Keith Black (bio), is one of them.  He came out of it all pretty well, ya’ think?   He turned out alright.  But still, it was not a pretty era.  His parents moved away, so that Keith and his siblings could have a better life.

The world we lived in should not have made that necessary. They shouldn’t have had to leave in order to succeed. Do students today really grasp that such things happened – in this country, only 30 or 40 years ago?

Forgive me for sounding like a stodgy old fogey here, but I hope that the youth of today truly grasps the weight of this great evening … this great accomplishment.

We may not appreciate it just yet, but today is as powerful as (and the culmination of) 28 August 1963 – I Have A Dream.

Today is more than a great day, it is a momentous day. It is earth shaking. And that’s a good thing.

With all our problems, we truly are a great nation.  It may take us time, but we can grow.  We can learn.  We can change.

Let’s remember that and use this moment in history to build upon … for the better.

I don’t write a lot of personal posts here.  I hope you’ll appreciate that I just felt a need to let a little out.  This is a tremendous day.  We should all be happy and proud and grateful … to be Americans.  Think of this as a snapshot of my feelings. Trust me, there is a lot more welling up inside.


0 thoughts on “Yes We Can :: AlObama

  1. Ginger Carter Miller

    I so echo your feelings, Robert, and haven’t been able to compose myself as eloquently as you did.

    But I will. And yes, WE DID!

    Tonight we witnessed history, and history unsettles things. I pray for strength for our new president and vice-president elect, and peace for those who were not the victors. We have lots to do — TOGETHER — as Americans.

  2. Samuel Green

    I agree that today makes history and that segregation, racism, etc. is horrible. I also think a lot of conservatives are going to be crucified for standing up for the issues they believe in just like they have been all through the campaign. I just hope that articles like this one and the many others that will be, and should be, written in the next few days will be nonpartisan about the issue of race and realize that most people who voted against Obama did so because of their values and his positions. It would be against the whole principle that is being applauded here if we conservatives had voted on race and not issues.

    Thanks for writing this article the right way.

  3. Robert

    Thanks, Ginger. For people like us, these kinds of stories are probably kind of common place. I fear that many students think of them as ancient history.

    I echo your sentiments, too. Hoping for strength, safety and peace for our new leaders. I hope I’m not getting too caught up in all of this, but I truly can’t help but feel this could be the beginning of something that will even surpass and fulfill the Camelot days of Kennedy.

    Hey, I can dream, anyway. Thank you!

  4. Robert

    Thanks, Samuel. I don’t hold those feelings you refer to regarding conservatives. After all, I’m pretty conservative myself. I understand what you’re sharing and can empathize. It seems like the past 20+ years of political rhetoric in this country has torn down more than it has built up. All those involved share the burden of that reality. I hope this day does take us forward – together. Thanks!


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