Interesting :: Sproutbuilder & uStream Webcast – Political Response to Sarah Palin

This tweet by by B.L. Ochman (@whatsnext)caught my eye. I clicked. Pretty cool.

    Women Against Sarah Palin live webcast today 1-9 pm – reading from 200,000 letters about how we feel about her

I’m sharing this because we just covered SproutBuilder in class.

Click the link and you’ll see that they used SproutBuilder to create the conduit (link) to get the embed code to share the conference in your own blog. Think viral.

Real Women Respond to Sarah Palin

Then, you get the embed code for their Webcast.

Again, viral!

But, we had to go through three sites.  Twitter to find the note from B.L.  Then, we went here Women Against Sarah Palin: Host Today’s Live Webathon on Your Website and here Embed | Real Women Respond to Palin Webathon.

My thought … why not just embed the Webcast code into the SproutBuilder and then you skip all those steps while getting immediate posting of the Webcast.  I’ll check SproutBuilder to see if you can, indeed, embed uStream code in a Sprout.  OK, now I know why … it seems that SproutBuilder supports Seesmic & YouTube, but doesn’t yet allow embedding of code.  Well, they’ll get to that, I’m sure.

Setting politics aside, and not offering critques of their style & layout, this is a pretty interesting use of multiple free resources to help spread a meme.

I will share this.  It is a slow, slow moving presentation.  You have to really want to see it to become involved.  Fewer long pauses in their transitions would make this a more compelling event.  Right now, I fear they are only preaching to the choir.  This won’t likely pull in new people.

Just thought I’d share.


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