The Auburn Plainsman Is Blogging

Iimagine my smile as I discovered that The Auburn Plainsman has launched a blog. You’ll find it at

They launched (installed) the blog on September 10th, but didn’t begin posting until October 1st.

Not many posts, yet.  Eleven, to be exact, but they are underway.

Hello University! This is The Plainsman’s attempt to stretch further into a medium other than print – the Web. We hope you all enjoy picking up a paper on your way to class Thursday mornings, but now, as we get this site going, feel free to check in on the latest campus news any time of the week.

These blogs will be more opinion pieces from our staff – how we’re feeling about events going on around campus, news in general and of course sports events. We encourage anyone and everyone to leave comments to make this a more diverse forum.

They are running WordPress 2.6.2, the latest version of the software. I was hoping to find that they were running WPMU – WordPress Multi-User. That would have enabled a community of blogs from the students. But, one step at a time, right.

Among the authors are Kristin Oberholzer, Editor of The Auburn Plainsman, and others. So, go check out their blog. This should be fun to follow.


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