Students :: Networking and Job Fair Tips for Success

Students are heavily involved in job fairs and interviews at this time of the year.

Seeking that internship or job can be an intimidating experience. So, why not study up on those important networking tips.

From a realwire release for forum3, an event on October 10 -11 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, we find 11 great tips. Oh, sure. I won’t get to go, but their pre-conference release helps share tips that can make the conference a successful experience.

This, to me, highlights how releases are not just for traditional publications anymore. Sure, there may be some pickup in some traditional MSM pubs, but this seems primarily targeted to blogs, email newsletters and other niche publications.

Now, the one question I have about the release is why Debbie Hockham’s photo is included.  Perhaps if I were from the UK or involved with forum3, I’d know.  But she is not mentioned anywhere in the release – except for the identifying caption, and there it just says Debbie Hockham … nothing else.  For the record, Debbie Hockham is forum3’s director.  Yep, I looked it up.

So, here’s another tip.  Don’t send out a release that requires the recipient to do their own research.  ;o)  Just a thought.

Oh, and while we’re at it … the title of the email for that release?  ”

LBi Netrank announces new Account Manager

Hmm?  Seems they had a glitch this morning at realwire.

I wish I could attend, actually. It sounds like a great event. “It attracts 15,000 visitors from the full spectrum of the not-for-profit sector including 150 top charities such as Cancer Research UK, Big Issue, NSPCC, National Trust, RSPB, Disability Now, and the RSPCA.”

Hope you folks have fun over there. Now, here are the tips:

A snapshot of the top 11 tips:
1. Be prepared – Ask yourself what you want to get out of the event, who you want to meet and which not-for-profit organisation you’d like to learn more about. Check out that all-important exhibitor list.
2. Plan your intro – Can you introduce yourself in 60 seconds without sounding like you’re reading from a script? The beginning of a conversation is when you make the most important impression but also when you are most nervous. Rehearse this part well.
3. The small print – bring a CV and make sure it’s not last years; but yesterday’s. If you have business cards, bring them – and use them.
4. Bag the information – You will be offered a mountain of information at all the stands and it’s heavy and hard to carry without a bag. Also, bring a pen and notepad so you can write down that vital mobile phone number from a prospect.
5. Dress the part – Know your audience. A suit and tie might be too conservative but it’s unlikely anyone will respect you if you turn up in battered jeans, mucky t-shirt and muddy trainers.
6. Be yourself – real networking is about being genuine and authentic. forum3 is a wide and diverse meeting place and there are opportunities for a great variety of people with a range of skills.
7. Ask questions – this is when you find out information that could help you change your life. It’s an opportunity to make a judgement on the prospective employers and voluntary organisers too.
8. Sing about your achievements – in a crowded venue you need to stand out. When asked about your job or skills talk about what you’ve achieved not just what the tasks were.
9. Who you talk to – it’s not just the people on the stands that have something to teach you: everyone at forum3 has a shared interest in not-for-profit.
10. Cover the ground – make sure you don’t get stuck in one place and miss opportunities around the corner: maximise your time.
11. Follow up – prepare time the next day or week to follow up with the people you met. Exhibitors will talk to hundreds of people during the event, so you may need to remind them how keen you are.


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