Camp ASCCA and Felicia Day :: People and Places I Love

I love a lot of people and places. You may think I throw around the word love, in that respect, but no … I really do love them. You know, in that respectful “You’ve made my life happy and better, so I want to say thank you” kind of way.

Examples? How about our interns at Camp ASCCA. Danika Kmetz, Kelli Hood and Zeb Ramey. These people are absolutely terrific and did such a wonderful job. Look at ASCCA Friends and the Camp ASCCA Journal to see all the great work they did this summer.

But, there is more. They did video, audio, photos, media pitching, releases, features, tours, marketing … the list goes on and on.

Here’s an example of a magazine article they had published about our annual Teen Week Prom. (See a larger version online.) Click on page 63 to see the article, by Kelli Hood.

This, by the way, has inspired me to have my classes this semester create their own magazine. Each will have responsibility for two pages. Look for that later. I hope to have it in three versions. PDF/Flash, HTML and video. But, we’ll see how that goes. Certainly we can do an example like the one above as it ties into another assignment they already do. We just have to set the focus a little tighter.

How about video? They created dozens and dozens of videos each this summer. Tal, a counselor that actually quit his job to come to camp, is a perfect example. These are the stories that parents, potential counselors for next year and everyone else need to see and hear. They add great value to ASCCA’s public relations activities.

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends

Photos? As the summer began, we had about 15,000 photos in our flickr account. Today? 21,649 items. Yep, they shot well over 5,000 photos this summer. Great photos, too. We had more comments from parents, campers and many others about the terrific quality. Tim, a professional photographer that has followed us from the very beginning, remarked about this potential magazine cover shot.

My Other Love?

Felicia Day. Yep. I’m a (cough)-year-old fanboy. I love what she has done online and in TV & film. Felicia is a very creative and talented lady. Again, respectful love. Her work just makes me smile and laugh.

The most recent examples are The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. Oh, she’s done much more, to be sure.

I have this dream. No, not that kind of dream. This one is somewhat realistic and involves Felicia coming to Camp ASCCA and doing a web series about the campers and counselors. After all, Felicia’s from Alabama, ya’ know. Huntsville. Yep, wouldn’t make that up. Maybe she’s actually heard of Camp ASCCA. Who knows.

If I were a millionaire, I’d pay Felicia whatever it takes to do this. I can just see the attention it would draw to the camp; plus, the looks on the campers’ faces as they get to meet the star from The Guild, Dr. Horrible, Monk and Buffy … to name just a few of her accomplishments.

But, alas, I’m poor. So, I’ll keep that dream alive and continue to watch her many accomplishments from afar. Although, if I ever find a way to make contact with her, I’ll be asking at the very least for a live phone interview with my class(es) so they can learn about her online video exploits.

Here’s a recent interview with Felicia and Kim Evey, another really cool person, by the way. See her film, TV, theatre and improv/comedy. I’d love to chat with Kim, too, in our classes. Hey, a guy can dream.

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