Obama to Announce VP Choice via Email and SMS :: Maybe, We’ll See

Obama VP announcementAccording to an email I just received, Barack Obama is going to give his supporters the news of his pick for Vice President via email and SMS, before anyone else.

Hmm? Well, it would be a first. I must admit to a wee bit (OK, a lot) of skepticism on this one. All the news organizations are signed up for all of his mailing lists, after all. They also see mailing lists we never see. So, will his supporters really be the first to know?

Yep, this VP announcement by SMS and email is a ploy for buzz. Yes, I bit. But, you have to admit. This would be quite remarkable. We’ll see how it pans out.

One thing I’ve noticed for many years. Democrats are way ahead of Republicans when it comes to online activity.   Now, they also rule in digital / social media, too.

Here’s the e-mail I received. 

Barack Obama is about to make one of the most important decisions of this campaign — choosing a running mate.

You have helped build this movement from the bottom up, and Barack wants you to be the first to know his choice.

Sign up today to be the first to know:


You will receive an email the moment Barack makes his decision, or you can text VP to 62262 to receive a text message on your mobile phone.

Once you’ve signed up, please forward this email to your friends, family, and coworkers to let them know about this special opportunity.

No other campaign has done this before. You can be part of this important moment.

Update: This video is being used by the Obama campaign in a targeted pitch to reach 2 million donors. I’m continually amazed at how far ahead the Democrats are in the area of online activity. Great ad, which was apparently created just for this email pitch.

Find more videos like this on PROpenMic


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