Revolution Theme Site :: A Model for Support and Selling

Every year or so, usually before Fall classes begin, I go in search of a new theme for this site. This year, I found more than a theme. I found a site that is quite the model for providing depth in documentation, tutorial videos and more. It is Revolution WordPress Theme led by developer Brian Gardner.

The best part about the theme, to me, is the ability to highlight posts in a rather easy manner. But, it isn’t really the theme that sold me. It was the site. So, I’m sharing this as a great example for future portfolio and resume sites by my students.

As usual, I looked through many dozens of themes, narrowing the search down to Revolution and the Thesis Theme. I like both of them very much. The thing that sold me on Revolution wasn’t so much the theme itself, which truly is a step ahead of virtually all other WordPress themes, but it was the site promoting the theme.

The Revolution WordPress Theme site features a Resources page, Documentation, FAQs, video Tutorials and Support Forums.

Brian Gardner created a terrific site, using his theme, to highlight its features and explain the relative ease in setting the site up once you’ve uploaded Revolution.

Admittedly, there are lapses in the site, but I’m still a fan. Some of the videos use the older version to explain how to set up the site. One of the videos has a volume level that is so low as to be bothersome.

On the upside, I joined the support forums on a weekend, yet my membership was approved within less than an hour. That tells me Brian’s paying attention. Looking through the forums, Brian seems to be a regular presence, answering questions and guiding people to solutions for their theme problems. Overall, I feel relatively confident I’ll get the support I need from Brian and others.

I have the site basically set up now. One glitch, I can’t get the “Social Networks” link in the “tabber” section on the “home” page to work correctly, yet. I’ll work on that when I get some time. Customizing it will likely take awhile, so I’m going with essentially the out-of-the-box color scheme for now.

If there were one aspect I’d like to see added to the theme, it would be an automatic way to place the 600×200 tabber image on any featured post, rather than having to create a custom field. But, that’s a small task to perform for each post, in order to benefit from the Revolution theme’s layout.

The Revolution theme costs $79.95, versus the $87 charged for Thesis. Revolution comes in 9 styles (each purchased separately, or as a set for $399.95). Thesis essentially comes in one style, however it – like Revolution – is quite customizable. I haven’t joined the site’s affiliate group, so I won’t make a dime if you purchase the theme. These are simply my thoughts after a week long look for a new theme. I like it. In fact, as always, I went through the search so I could find a new theme for the Camp ASCCA Journal’s site. I’ll be getting one of the nine versions of Revolution for ASCCA next week.

Check out the new look and let me know what you think. Please comment with your thoughts and point out any glitches and errors you may find. That is always appreciated.


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