Utterz for Digital Resumes, Portfolios, Spot News and Crisis Comms

Offered up a demo of Utterz in class tonight. Students may incorporate it into their final projects – digital resumes & portfolios – for the PRProspects.com site.

During the chat, we talked about how Utterz might be used for a client.

The idea of spot news, or breaking news, came to mind. Certainly it could be useful. With Utterz’ new cross-posting function, you can have it automatically post to many platforms like:

Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, TypePad, Twitter, WordPress, MovableType, Flickr, YahooGroups, Twitxr, Drupal, LiveSpaces, YouTube, MetaWeblog API, Pownce, and blip.tv

For instance, I just set up my Utterz account to autopost to my Twitter account. I also set it up to post to this blog as a draft, so I may consider using it as a post.

News organizations could use this for spot news. Any organization could have a ready to luanch site set up for an emergency. Utterz could be just one aspect of the quick post / response site. The new ability to autopost makes it much more viable. Qik.com would be another useful crisis comms tool to add into a pre-built site ready to launch in case of an emergency.

The idea of using these tools to add content online without all the hoops we used to have to jump through kind of intrigues me. At the same time, it poses some problems re: vetting information that goes up online. I’d like to see a new crisis comms plan that has incorporated many of these new bits of technology into their practice. Anyone know of some such plan? It would be great to share with students.

Here’s an example of a brief Utterz post from our class this evening.


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