An All Auburn Video at Camp ASCCA :: National Equestrian Champion Interviewed by Auburn Intern

As we further develop the use of online social networks in the promotion of nonprofits, I’ve enjoyed watching the quality of work done by students with so little experience in creating videos.

This video, of Auburn grad Ashley Dickerson, was created by Auburn intern Kelli Hood. This is actually one of the very first videos Kelli ever created. She has now made dozens of them.

The videos are created with relatively inexpensive ($450) JVC digital cams with hard drives. The editing is done on an off the shelf desktop home computer, again using inexpensive software – Cyberlink Power Director 7 ($119.95). They could also be done with Movie Maker, which comes free with your PC computer.

Hey, we’re not producing News at 5, here. The idea is to tell simple stories that help people understand your organization or business. The best way to do that is to highlight employees and customers. Camp ASCCA is doing that daily at ASCCA Friends and the Camp ASCCA Journal.

Ashley is a graduate of Auburn University. There she was a member of the 2006 Auburn Equestrian Team’s National Championship season. This summer, Ashley brings her experience to the campers at ASCCA.

If history is any indicator, these videos will have been viewed between 500 and 1,000 times (each) by the end of the year. For ASCCA’s niche audience, that’s pretty good, IMO.

Check out Kelli’s work here:

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends


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