Camp ASCCA Fund Drive Update

I am going to be adding this image to all posts, for awhile. My hope it to test the success of ChipIn widgets on behalf of Camp ASCCA..

Yes, I am an unashamed advocate for Camp ASCCA. I was a counselor there well before any of my students were born. The camp changed my life. It changes the lives of campers, and the students that work there, each and every day of each and every year.

I still remember my first campers. Robin & Vincent were about twelve years old. Their disabilities? Profound mental retardation, epilepsy with grand mal (Tonic-clonic) seizures and rigid (Dystonic) cerebral palsy. Some might suggest that such campers couldn’t really benefit from a camp experience. Hey, I was one of them, upon meeting Robin & Vincent that first day. But, that quickly changed.

We did just about every activity camp offered. I noticed positive physical (and perhaps even emotional) responses from both campers at every activity. We had the benefit of meeting the nurses from the hospital (yes, hospital) where Robin and Vincent lived. I asked them later if they saw any benefit in their visit. I hoped they could share any observations that would help me realize that all we did was beneficial to both of my severely disabled campers.

Their response? Yes, there was in fact a dramatic change in the camper’s behavior after returning from camp. Whether it was a more excited state, or a worn out (I want to sleep!) state, the campers were gaining a ‘quality of life’ experience that certainly made their life better.

To be sure, we serve a wide variety of people with disabilities. Not all campers are as severely disabled as Robin and Vincent. All of them, regardless of their disability, are likely receiving a therapeutic recreation experience that is rarely (if at all) available in their local communities. So, that alone is reason enough for me to support Camp ASCCA.

So, if you are willing, please take this ChipIn widget and share it in your blog. Link to this post. Help me find people willing to support what I consider to be a most worthy cause. Let’s also test the ability to actually use one of these widgets to raise funds. I know it works for others. Will it work for me in my attempt to help Camp ASCCA?

Watch this latest video from ASCCA. Each year, we have counselors come visit and work from overseas. Some return many years. The counselors are the foundation of Camp ASCCA’s success. You can see more videos at the Camp ASCCA Journal (blog) and also at camp’s social network, ASCCA Friends.

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends


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