Using ChipIn and Sprout Builder for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are turning to the Web more and more often to get their message out and to raise money.Alabama\'s Special Camp for Children and Adults

As you likely know, I’ve been involved with Camp ASCCA, Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults, for many years. Yes, I was a counselor there 27 years ago. I was also their first PR director. In fact, I’m the one that bought their domain name and give it to the camp years ago, even building their first site.

Yes, to me Camp ASCCA is the center of the universe. They are open year-round and serve thousands annually. I love the camp. So, now I’m helping them with their Web site (again), developing a social network and trying to raise funds online, too.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the economy stinks right now. Yep, and Camp ASCCA – like so many other nonprofits – needs to find new ways to raise money.

ChipIn Widgets for Online GivingWe’ve launched widgets on the Camp ASCCA site and their social network, ASCCA Friends. Sprout Builder Widgets and Mini-sitesThese tools come from ChipIn and Sprout Builder. They are free and pretty easy to implement on Web pages.

Sharing is important. The widgets have the potential for a viral campaign. Supporters can email the link to friends and even embed the widget in their own site.

ChipIn even allows you to create your own page on their site.  Think of it as a blog, as you can add new entries.  Here is the Camp ASCCA ChipIn page.

Sprout Builder allows you to embed almost anything in the presentation. You can have video, photo slideshows, information, and even embed the ChipIn widget to facilitate giving. Scroll down to see both the widgets in action.

The giving function is tied to a PayPal account. You can offer a pretty easy way for supporters to give online. The cost per gift (a fee to PayPal) is rather small. I tested it with a $10 donation and the take from PayPal was 57 cents. That’s not too bad for something that really doesn’t have a high cost for the nonprofit organization.

Now, this just launched on Friday evening. Please read the following and make suggestions and comments below. I’d love to hear from you. This is essentially what I shared on the ASCCA sites. You can always go there, too. Visit the Camp ASCCA site and ASCCA Friends. Their blog, filled with videos, photos and more, is located at the Camp ASCCA Journal. Interns are always filling the blog with news from ongoing sessions.

Something You May Not Know :: ASCCA’s Funding

Yes, Camp ASCCA is an Easter Seal affiliate. But, did you know that ASCCA does not receive any funding from Easter Seals? Sounds strange, I know, but it really isn’t. ASCCA is owned by Alabama’s Easter Seal Society. As the flagship facility, ASCCA is expected to raise their own funds. ASCCA receives no money from either the state or national Easter Seal societies. So, please consider the following.

As an Alabama Easter Seal facility, the Camp ASCCA staff and board are responsible for generating, locating and developing all needed funding for all expenses related to Camp ASCCA programs and facilities. That\'s what it takes for just the fees, to send 100 campers to ASCCA.Currently Camp ASCCA operates on $1.5 million dollars annually.

Camp ASCCA affiliates with Easter Seals. In return for our Easter Seal affiliation, Camp ASCCA is able utilize group discounts for facility and employee insurance and employee retirement plans offered through Easter Seals Alabama parent organization. However, we cover The costs are great, but the benefits are greater.the costs for all of our programs and activities. About 90% of the people attending Camp ASCCA require some help from us … well – actually, you … in covering their camp fees.

Camp ASCCA serves thousands annually. This campaign is just designed to help us cover the fees for 100 campers. Have you priced a camp, lately? Camps for non-disabled children cost two to three times what we charge. So, as you can imagine, we’re just talking about the fees we charge – not the costs we actually face daily.

So, now that you know what Camp ASCCA’s responsibilities are, please consider supporting the kids and adults that want to go to camp – but are held up by a lack of funds. Make a donation and help send a camper to ASCCA!

For more information about Camp ASCCA,

Camp ASCCA Mission

The Easter Seals Camp ASCCA mission is to help eligible individuals with disabilities and/or health impairments achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence.

Camp ASCCA Goal

To accomplish our mission, our goal is provide a safe and quality program of camping, therapeutic recreation, and education in a year-round barrier-free environment. We strive to serve those who can derive maximum benefit from the resident camp experience and provide a healthier, happier, longer, and more productive life for children and adults of all abilities.

Camp ASCCA Programs

The philosophy of Camp ASCCA is to offer an exciting camp program geared to the age, interest, and ability of our campers. This involves learning new skills; making new friends; and participating in programs such as swimming, water skiing, tubing, canoeing, boating, fishing, arts and crafts, golf, nature appreciation, geocaching, horseback, bocce, riflery, and even high adventure activities such as climbing and rappelling. In addition to all of this, there are evening programs that include campfires, dances, and talent shows.


0 thoughts on “Using ChipIn and Sprout Builder for Nonprofits

  1. carnet


    Great article and thanks for sharing ChipIn and Sprout with your readers. We are very focused on extending Sprout to provide the power of Rich Interactive Content creation to the masses, especially those working for social change. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need assistance.

  2. Robert

    Thank you, Carnet. I’m enjoying Sprout Builder and will use it in class this semester, too. The interface takes a bit of time to get your head around, but is really quite intuitive. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Also, thanks for the comment here and the offer for help. This shows you are paying attention to your users. Always a sign of a good organization! Thanks!

  3. Tiffany Derville

    Robert, thank you for educating me about ChipIn and Sprout Builder. Your description of ASCCA camp is inspirational. You make a big difference in our world. You establish a strong sense of community. From PR Open Mic to your blog to your contributions to ASCCA, thank you for all that you do.

  4. Robert

    Thanks, Tiffany. You’re too kind. To me, this is all so much fun. I’m having a great time. I have to admit, it is so much fun that I feel unworthy to receive a compliment. Still, be sure, I do appreciate your kind comment.

    Tiffany, also please accept our deepest appreciation for your kind support. You are a very good and thoughtful person. Many thanks!

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