Erin Caldwell Named 2008 Charles E. Fremes Q Hero at Edelman

Memories of Erin’s time at Auburn came flooding back, recently. She didn’t write to tout her new honor. I just saw her note on her status at Facebook. “I’m so proud and honored.”

Well, you know I had to ask. So, I did. Erin shared that a high honor had been bestowed upon her by the good folks at Edelman. I share an excerpt from the announcement.

High praise to each of these honorees who takes the concept of “Quality” and makes it their own – they set a firm-wide example that others can look to and emulate whether working with clients or administratively within the network.

Each receives an extra week of vacation and the Q Swirl trophy.

Erin Caldwell, SAE, Public Affairs, Washington, D.C., for pushing digital beyond its boundaries and showing us how to put the S in social media. Two examples: 1) she conceptualized, planned and executed the first-of-its-kind blogger outreach for the oil and natural gas industry; 2) she conceived, planned and executed a branded training program called “Edelman Digital Bootcamp” that travels to colleges and universities teaching upper-level students in communications the role of digital and social media in today’s PR campaigns.

Well, to say I’m proud of Erin would be an understatement. I share this out of respect for her and what she’s accomplished. Trust me, I’m sure this is only one part of the beginning to a long and illustrious career.

Congratulations, Erin!

Trust me, I have to post about it. She won’t. Her last blog post was February 19th, 2007. :o) Her Web site is also crying out, “Feed Me!” to any passers-by. (Sorry, just had to drop that in here.)

A little background on Fremes.

Charles E. Fremes died suddenly on May 7, 2007. He was president and chief executive officer, Canada/Edelman. Fremes spent more than 20 years in the corporate, government, consulting and voluntary sectors, and specializes in the fields of corporate and public affairs, crisis and issues management, employee communications and corporate social responsibility.

Fremes was also a best friend of Richard Edelman. So, the award has a special meaning
in their company. Fremes was noted for being smart, but also taking time to learn about people and know them.

This excerpt from a Globe & Mail interview with Richard Edelman tells part of the story.

Fremes, he said, served as the firm’s chief diplomat, helping to offset the CEO’s spontaneity. More than once, Fremes called him up to suggest he should be more cautious with his public comments.

“This one affects me terribly,” Edelman told me of Fremes’ death. “I try not to be friends with the people I work with because you have to keep your distance, but Charles was really a good friend of mine. It’s an exception. He was like my older brother.”


0 thoughts on “Erin Caldwell Named 2008 Charles E. Fremes Q Hero at Edelman

  1. Laura Murray

    Congrats Erin!
    The bootcamp really helped me! The agency I intern with was very impressed I already had experience with tracking blogs… and now I do it for them daily!


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