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Auburn PR student, Kelli Hood - Auburn Intern at Camp ASCCAKelli Hood, is one of three interns at Camp ASCCA this summer.

She, along with Danika Kmetz of Illinois State University and Zeb Ramey from the University of South Alabama, are already writing (and getting published) for a magazine and preparing stories for local newspapers as well as their online offerings. Below, you’ll find three videos – one from each of them.

It is online video that seems to attract the most attention from potential campers, their parents and volunteers for Easter Seals Camp ASCCA. The interns post these to two different sites Camp ASCCA Journal and ASCCA Friends, ASCCA’s own niche social network. The students then share the videos with the world via TubeMogul. That site allows you to post one video to numerous video sharing sites around the world. Traffic from these videos greatly enhances Camp ASCCA’s visibility. Awareness is being developed each day.

They are also using Utterz to easily post audio podcasts throughout the day. I got an inexpensive $30 prepaid cellphone (with 300 minutes already on it) and gave each intern one to play with creating audio interviews. Hey, we’re experimenting. Here are three examples. What do you think?

Danika Interviews Auburn Alum Ashley Dickerson at High Ropes

Zeb Interviews a Camper at the High Ropes Course

Kelli Interviews a Counselor and Camper at Cargo Net

Now, the videos…

Kelli at the Cargo Net

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends

Danika at the Splash Pad Water Park

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends

Zeb interviews a student from Lee-Scott’s Philanthropy class visiting ASCCA to consider the camp for donations.

Find more videos like this on ASCCA Friends


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