Spring 2008 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

As we enter Summer 2008, I realized I forgot to post the resumes & portfolios from my most recent classes. So, here they are.

They’ve been cross-posted at PR Prospects, the site I started to promote our wonderful Auburn University PR majors.

Please check out the most recent group from Spring semester. They are a fun group and quite bright. OK, I’m biased.

Below you’ll find a group of students with a wide variety of PR interests. Some of them have graduated, or will soon, and you may be able to grab them for a job. So, please check out their offerings.

This semester, we’re stepping up the digital resume/portfolio project. More on that, later.

Allison Anderson

Amelia Denson

Angela Langley

Anna Hatcher

Ashley Bond

Ashley Brown

Brett Pohlman

Callie Curry

Caroline Ratcliff

Ciara Culverhouse

Elizabeth Richards

Elon Evora

Emily Ann Tatum

Emily Provow

Holly Stalvey

Jackie Holmes

Jazmine Maddox

Kacy Eoff

Katie Thornton

Kelli Degnan

Kelly McDevitt

Kylee Patrick

Laura Murray

Lindsey George

Lois Krolikowski

Amanda Walters

Megan Dixon

Meredith Heffner

Rebecca Rush

Shereen Kashani

Stephanie Ace

Whitney Cowart

Whitney Ray


0 thoughts on “Spring 2008 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

  1. Robert

    :o) Yep, Greg. It is a quandry. But, the good news is … I’ve got two guys this semester! Woo Hoo!

    I, like you, would like to see a rebirth of interest in PR among the guys. ~sigh~


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