Interview with Kellie Matthews and Lisa Poplawski :: University of Oregon

The subtitle of this podcast could quite easily be, “Ducks are Cool!”.

I was fortunate to have Kellie Matthews and Lisa Poplawski join me for an interview some weeks ago. Sadly, I goofed the recording and there were pops and hisses … just a general bad audio hair day, so to speak. So, they very kindly agreed to a Mulligan interview. I am grateful.

Kelli blogs at PRos in Training and Lisa blogs at Crisis in Conversation. Please check out their blogs and I’ll offer a bit of bio information here.

Kelli Matthews - University of OregonKelli Matthews: “Teaching public relations is also about helping students figure it all out – from the nitty-gritty of writing to the big picture strategic thinking and from stress management to the job search. I teach public relations at the University of Oregon. I have both my BA and MA from the UofO. In addition to teaching, I co-own a PR and graphic design firm, Verve, with my sister and biz partner, Amy Miller. You can check it out here:”

Lisa Poplawski - The University of OregonLisa Poplawski: “Lisa Poplawski … a senior at the University of Oregon. 21 years old, I’ll be graduating with a BS in Journalism and Economics this spring. A strange combination, I know, but starting at Oregon’s J-school, we were required to take Econ 201 and 202, and I just fell in love. The combination turned out to be fitting, however, as I’ve just turned in 16 law school applications over Christmas break, and will be attending law school this coming fall with not just logical and analytical skills from my Econ major, but I might be able to write a little bit as well.”

I’ve enjoyed watching the social media efforts of many other universities. The University of Oregon is yet another school that is embracing emerging digital media in their classrooms. The good aspect? They do it well. Their faculty and students are great. So, that’s the reason for this podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

The podcast is 28mb and runs 29:24.


0 thoughts on “Interview with Kellie Matthews and Lisa Poplawski :: University of Oregon

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  2. Karen

    Kelli and Tiffany are doing a fantastic job incorporating social media at U. of Oregon — and Lisa is a good example of how students benefit from it. Thanks for featuring them, Robert. …And, I can’t resist pointing out that their department chair, Pat Curtin, is a Grady grad. 🙂

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