Ashley Beebe: UGA Safe Kids Athens Buckle Up PR Campaign

Watching students as they work on projects is always fun. Recently, with the advent of Twitter – and students jumping in with fervor – it has become possible to watch their work almost in real-time.

Ashley Beebe Twitter photoVia Twitter, I was able to watch Ashley and Karen Russell – along with many other students – talk about the Safe Kids Athens campaign. So, after looking at the campaign and chatting with the students I thought a podcast was in order. ‘Tween you and me, I’ll use this to spur on my students in their projects, too. Ashley and her group did a great job.

The campaign: PRSSA Announces Chevrolet’s Safe Kids Buckle Up Program as the 2008 Bateman Case Study Competition

Safe Kids Buckle Up was chosen as the 2008 case study because of its unique concentration on childhood safety. “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of children ages three to 14,” said Torine Brooks Creppy, director of Safe Kids Buckle Up.

The site: Safe Kids AthensSafe Kids Athens Logo

Safe Kids Athens Area is one of more than 300 grassroots coalitions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico that bring together health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments and volunteers to educate and protect families.

The videos: Virtual Video Showdown

Coile Middle School 6th and 7th Graders compete in the Virtual Video Showdown to promote Safe Kids Buckle Up Athens Area and Athens Chevrolet. Produced by University of Georgia PRSSA

Media coverage: The Safe Kids Athens Media Room

So, that’s the background … now the podcast interview with Ashley Beebe. Ashley’s great. No worries about her future, I am sure. Listen as she describes the campaign, her group members and their work, the involvement of the students and more. Especially listen for Ashley’s post graduation plans. She’s going into the Teach America program. Pretty cool and admirable.

Also, check out Ashley’s blog … cool title – There’s a Mouse in My House … and other tales of college woe.

The podcast is 16mb and runs 16:42. Choose Play Now below (and a player will appear) or Play in Popup, or download it. Whatever makes ya’ happy.


0 thoughts on “Ashley Beebe: UGA Safe Kids Athens Buckle Up PR Campaign

  1. Sydney Carroll

    Thank you so much for your support and suggestions throughout our campaign. Ashley is an awesome teammate, and I’m really glad you gave her the credit she deserves. After seeing her work with the middle schoolers, we know she is going to do really well with TFA.

  2. Robert

    Hey Sydney, thank you. Wish I could have gotten all of you in on the podcast, too. You did a wonderful job on the campaign. Hope to see you and the others at the Bootcamp!

  3. Robert

    Hey Karen, my pleasure. You are all doing such great work at UGA. Love watching all the activity. I agree about the relationships the students and the faculty have developed. It’s a good thing and I hope to see it grow.

  4. B von Ahlin- Walden University PHD

    UGA does such innovative work. Glad to seem them supporting projects like yours. Best of luck!


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