HighEdWebDev Conference Over, Now Off To Connect UGA

Wednesday I was fortunate to participate in a presentation with some great people in Rochester, NY at the HighEdWebDev conference. However, I was in Auburn, Ala. I joined the group via Skype.

The occasion was Dimitri Glazkov and Jeff Keeton‘s session Post-Conference Workshop 2.0. Thanks for inviting me, guys. I joined, among others, “Web 2.0’s uncle Chris FactoryJoe Messina” for the approximately 20 minute Skype conference portion of their presentation.

During the questions, I was asked the always difficult question, “So, what’s next? What is the next thing on the horizon?” Well, if I knew (if any of us knew), we’d invest in it and reap the rewards. I did not have the answer, because I don’t know what is next. I’ll post some more thoughts on that, next.

The opportunity was fun. I’ve spoken to the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama (IPSA) in Birmingham for these guys. They are always very nice and really smart. So, I appreciate any opportunity to interact.

You may remember that I have written about their work before – My Opinion: UAB Is A Leader In Online Higher Ed Creative Marketing and PR. Their work is quite remarkable.

Now, I’m off to the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications Connect Public Relations & Social Media Conference in Athens, GA. This will be fun. Evyan Mischke, an Auburn alum, will attend along with Jackie, one of the students from my classes this semester. Also, Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser, the director of AU’s PR program, is also attending. They will beat me to the conference. I have a previous engagement Friday, so I’ll join the fun on Saturday morning.

Among the large list of presenters are some we have interacted with during our class blogging experiences. So, we will get to see Josh Hallett of Hyku and Voce along with Paull Young from Converseon. We’ve met both of these fine gentlemen before. But, this will be a first time face-to-face meeting for me with Constantin Basturea, Converseon; Kaye Sweetser, University of Georgia; and Walter Carl, Northeastern University (Walter’s blog). Katie Delahaye Paine, of KD Paine & Partners, I did meet – briefly – when I spoke at the PRSA Counselors Academy conference in Savannah. That meeting was so brief (at the very end of the conference), however, so I’m hoping this will be my first real chance to perhaps get to say hi and really meet KD Paine.

Congrats to Karen Russell for putting together this conference. They have already started their conference blog: UGA Connect. So, follow along as folks will be live-blogging the proceedings. Visit Karen’s blog at Teaching PR, too.


0 thoughts on “HighEdWebDev Conference Over, Now Off To Connect UGA

  1. Katie Paine

    it was great to re-connect but the truly amazing part of the conference to me was the twittering — and the fact that between the twittering and flickring, UGA Connect seemed bigger than PRSA!

  2. Robert

    Thanks, Katie. It was good to see you and I enjoyed your presentation very much.

    I agree, the twittering was impressive, and it continues today. There was much adoption of new tools and practices going on among those attendees.

  3. Jeff K

    Thanks for being on our panel Robert. Dimitri and I always enjoy discussing this with you. As far as what I think the “next big thing” will be? Well, do you remember that famous scene in “The Graduate” where one of Ben’s father’s partners pull him aside, looks him straight in the eye and tells him what the future will be? “Plastics”

    I had one of those moments during our discussion with you Chris, and Mark Greenfield. In one word, what do I think the next big thing will be? Mobile.

    Ok, maybe you don’t have to be genius to see that coming. But imagine this: standing on sidewalk outside a restaurant and checking on-line reviews of it before you decide to eat there. Or, being at Best Buy and holding digital camera you are thinking of buying in one hand and your iPhone in the other and looking up reviews on it.

    Exciting stuff to ponder.

  4. Robert

    Hey, Jeff. Thanks. Always a pleasure to interact with you all.

    Oh, yeah, if we’re talking technical innovations I guess mobile is the thing. It just moves so fast … as soon as the next thing is identified … it is old. Strange. Sounding like my grandfather, now …

    Think about it this way. Just a few months ago we were all buzzin’ about the iPhone. Then, just barely into that product’s life, the price drops and now other phones are being declared as the iPhone killer.

    One, two, three years (months, weeks) from now … something else.


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