Memes, memes, memes …. Eight Random Bits

Kelli Matthews, of PRos in Training, and teaching PR at the University of Oregon, has tagged me for the 8 Random Bits meme.

Kelli was tagged by Nedra Weinreich. Nice to meet you Nedra. My iPod is in the truck, so I’ll foresake the song titles, although I like that idea, too. And, OK … I know this is link bait … but, what the heck. I’ll keep it in the family, so to speak. Here we go …

  1. I like watching Ninja Warrior on G4TV. Go figure. It is hilarious.
  2. Allison Wetherbee’s blog, Allison – I Was Born This Way, always makes me smile. If I had my way, she’d be writing for Camp ASCCA. And, ya’ know, that just might happen – and more. Um, like TV – or streaming video? More later on …
  3. To Kill A Mockingbird is the definitive American novel. There, I said it – and I’m not ashamed. I loved the movie, but even that great movie cannot beat the book. It is fabulous. Just like Harper Lee. I just loved Scout and Robert Duvall’s portrayal of Boo. My nickname was Boo, in my earliest years.
  4. I love All the King’s Men – the book and the movie. The Broderick Crawford version was best. Sean Penn’s version? Feh! But, the book is the absolute best. I’d put Robert Penn Warren and Harper Lee at the top of any authors list. I’ve read each book numerous times. Can you tell that I like books?
  5. My favorite movie of all time? It is likely Twelve Angry Men. For someone even vaguely interested in communication, this film is required viewing. Henry Fonda and all of those terrific character actors make the film marvelous. Still, regarding favorite movies, I have so many favorites – including all of the Lord of The Rings trilogy (more recent faves) – that it isn’t possible to pick a true favorite. My tastes are all over the place. Can you tell that I like all movies … and moral tales?
  6. I have a dog and a cat. The dog is Shekiya. She’s a siberian huskie and, at 7 years of age, still acts like a puppy. The cat? George. Age 7. A rescue from the shelter – kitty jail. George is cool. He really is (and he knows it). Walks like a tiger and keeps Shekiya in line. Daily.
  7. is getting a lot of my attention lately. No, I’m not so much watching a lot of the shows (some of them, yes), but the way it (streaming video) seems to finally work for Jack/Jill everyone …. that’s very intriguing. I like the GUI and it even seems to work well on a DSL connection with a 1.4ghz / 512mb RAM computer. I’ve tested it. (I’m talking upstream/downstream here, too.) Now that’s really impressive. So, how to use it? Still wondering.
  8. I actually like my students. Yep, it is true. But, don’t like to tell them. It just causes problems. You know, they think it means I’ll be nice. … Sure. It is nice to have dreams.

I write that last one for two reasons. First, it is true. Second, I’m going to tag all of them. So, Kelli you’ll have to wait a bit for the flood (20+ blogs) of links. Classes start on Thursday. But, this will make for a good, easy post for them to kick off their blogs. And, they’ll meet all of you. That’s a good thing.

However, I will tag four people. Why? They recently corresponded with me, so my memory is fresh. And, they’re great people. First off – Allison, I mentioned you – so consider yourself tagged. Now, meet the wonderful Christin Eubanks, whose blog is located at my PRception. Next, we have the terrific Mary Kneeland Metcalf, who is blogging at Displaced In Chicago. Last, but certainly not least (she’ll tell you that, by the way) we have the unique and funny Lara Worsham, who is back from internships / vacation and blogging (soon, I hope) at Lara’s Blog. Hope to hear from all of you.


0 thoughts on “Memes, memes, memes …. Eight Random Bits

  1. Chris Yeh


    We’re honored that Ustream made one of your 8 memes! As for what you should do with it, why don’t you ask your students? I’m sure they’ll have some good suggestions.

    Chris Yeh
    CEO, Ustream.TV

  2. Kelli Matthews

    Thanks for playing! Like Karen Russell at UGA, this was my first meme tag thingy and it was fun. šŸ™‚ I do wish we were starting classes last week so I could use this for my students, too. We’ve got six weeks to go (September 24 is Day 1), but I may use it anyway. Great idea!

  3. Robert

    Nedra, thank you. I hope you’ll come by and visit the student’s blogs once they get going. It is always great for them to get to interact with pro practitioners. They’ll love you for it.

    Chris, thank you. How cool! The CEO of pays a visit. Nice to see you guys are tracking online chatter, too. I will ask the students and we’ll come up with some way to utilize in class activities. Thanks.

    Kelli, I’m happy to join in the play and thanks for asking me. My hope is that our students can interact along the way, too. I’d love to see some sort of coast to coast student social media experimentation. Take care and thanks again.

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