Online Delivery of Broadcast Ready Video :: Alabama’s Governor and AU Grad

For some time I’ve wondered about the possibility of pitching broadcast quality video to local stations via the web. Oh, I know it is done. But, that’s for large corporations or PR firms, for example. With the growth of online newsrooms and the reach of broadband access today, I’ve wondered if it is more viable today. And, more importantly, even doable for medium to small PR efforts.Gov. Riley opens E-85 Pumps

I believe the answer is now a resounding Yes!

I realize this example is from a Governor’s Office, but the technology required to accomplish it – and the ease of doing it – now proves, to me, that this is doable for others to begin considering video delivery to TV stations.

A camera capable of producing this video is now available for approximately $1,000 and the rest of the requirements – like hosting – are now available for as little as $25 per month. So, why not try it?

Here’s the latest example I’ve learned of, from a former student.

Most recently the Alabama Governor’s Office has offered up two videos and had pickup from state TV stations.

Why do I mention this now? Well, it is being done by a former student, Todd Stacy. How cool.

Todd has been providing a password protected FTP download for the stations, and some have been taking him up on the offer. The downloads are not all that big. Certainly the file sizes are several gigabytes, but that has not stopped stations from taking the release and using it.

I think this is much more likely for the future than we think it is. I believe that Alabama, through Todd’s efforts, is way ahead of other states in doing this. Can anyone tell me of other such efforts?

Congrats to Todd for the great work, by the way. We love to tell you about our graduates!


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