Too Funny :: The 24 Second News Cycle :: The Onion

Way too funny. The Onion has nailed it.

The funniest line? Just might be … “Last week, after a reported 65 million Americans learned of the bipartisan immigration bill with the breaking news report ‘Mexicans Stay,’…”

CNN is widely credited with initiating the acceleration of the modern news cycle with the fall 2006 debut of its spin-off channel CNN:24, which provides a breaking news story, an update on that story, and a news recap all within 24 seconds. In addition to creating its groundbreaking format, CNN:24 broke many important stories with reports such as “Ford No Money Everyone Fired,” “Iraq Bomb Kill Truck,” “Country Hates Bush,” “Dow High Now,” and “Squirrel Water Skis.”

Source: The Onion

The Onion - 24 Second News Cycle

And, that screen capture of the perpetually perky and perfectly plastic news bunny just captures the completely shallow and vapid nature of cable news today. Click the bunny and read The Onion’s satire. It is funny.

Note: This post was hardly up an hour when I was asked, “What is a news bunny?” So, for those that are unfamiliar with the term “news bunny”, here is an attempt at a definition. News Bunny originally referred to a UK promotional effort that involved someone dressed in a bunny costume standing with reporters during their stand-ups. Since then, the term has morphed into one used to describe news presenters (UK) or anchors (US). These news readers are usually women, but many hunky males have also been called news bunnies. The perception is often that they have been hired on the basis of their Q score-like appeal, or their sexy / attractiveness value – not their abilities to serve as a serious reporter.


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