Shea Snider :: She Will Change the World … for the Better

You tend to remember your students. Some more than others, I imagine. There are so many, you know.

I believe you tend to remember the ones that you know – upon first meeting them – will likely change the world. These are the students that were so funny, so lively, so … overwhelmingly enthusiastic about life … well, you couldn’t get them out of your memories – even if you tried. Not that I would try, of course.

Shea Snider is one student that fits that description, for me.Shea and her Mom - Cindy Snider

Shea, and her many friends, made class a joy and … um, an experience. 😉

Shea proved true on her promise of success. I knew she would. Shea’s the press secretary for U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL, 3rd District).

I’m willing to bet you that Shea is one of the most popular people on Capitol Hill. Seriously. This woman lights up a room when she enters.

Well, now Shea is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Her story is compelling. Shea returned home on her first day of senior year in high school to a frightening reality. That first day is supposed to be the beginning of one of the most fun and memorable years of your life. It turned out to be even more memorable for Shea, for another reason altogether.

Shea writes, “I came home to a daddy with red puffy eyes and my strong mother sitting together. She had been to the doctor that day and it was confirmed that she had breast cancer. This same deadly disease kept me from ever being able to meet my maternal grandmother, Bobbie Royal Champion. My mother, Cindy Snider, had a single mastectomy, chemotherapy treatments and kept a good attitude on life and a smile on her face. It has been almost ten years since she was diagnosed and she has had wonderful reports from her oncologist since.” (Source)

That’s a wonderful story – particularly the ending. So, I’ve been moved to support Shea in her walk. Maybe you will, too. Visit Shea’s Avon Walk page and read more about her prep for the walk.

I just wanted to share this little story about Shea. She’s one of our more memorable graduates. We love her and wish her well in the Avon Walk. Take care, Shea.


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