Flickr Massage Feels Strange

Flickr is one of my favorite sites. Truly, they have a wonderful interface and hosting service for photos. It is my favorite of all the photo hosting sites – hands down.

Yet, tonight the site went down for one of their maintenance “massages” and that’s cool. Hey, I knew it was coming and wasn’t the least bit miffed. I’m still not miffed. But, I think there is a lesson here.

Flickr always seems to do this maintenance at good times. It is usually about midnight here when they take the site down. OK, no problem. But, still I thought I’d watch how they do the explanation of down time.

It is the little things that matter when dealing with your customers. I have at least two Pro accounts.

Currently, 15 minutes into their 30 minute massage, the site shows this message.

Flickr massage

Yet, when you click on their visit the Flickr Blog for updates message, you actually get the top post for Tag-O-Rama. Hmm? Ruh Roh! You see, it is the little things that count.

Let’s mark this up to a little site maintenance and customer service lesson. It is the little things … like pre-posting an explanation to the blog … that makes that little extra special difference to your visitors. After all, if you’re going to send them somewhere for info … have it ready for them.

Once again, Flickr is still the coolest of photo sharing sites. And, the site is back up now. It only took 26 minutes, not 30. Flickr’s still good.

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