Do You Want Some Free Survey Research?

For Spring semester, the survey research class is seeking clients.

…ideal clients will have existing mailing lists (email preferred) or phone number lists and a clear idea of their survey goals…

So, I’m going to try something new here. Do you need some survey research done for your organization? We might be able to help you.

We have the ability to perform surveys either by online data collection or phone collection. We do not want to do any research that has open access to the survey instrument online. This must be research among a predefined audience that we may contact.

The potential respondent pool isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but we would prefer a potential respondent pool of 500, or so. However, if you have known group of influencers or stakeholders (for instance) you wish to survey, we will consider that group, too.

If the survey is online, we will do it via a Secure Form Link and build in a process to restrict your form with a password in order to control multiple submissions.

If the survey is by telephone, we will use online data capturing software filled in by the interviewers. However, it will be secured so only you and the survey team will have access to it.

I cannot promise we will accept your project, but we’re open to all who might wish to offer a project for consideration.

Ideally, we would like to work with a public relations and/or marketing firm, nonprofit organization, government agency or a corporation/business. We’ll have to talk, of course, and work out details. Also, the client must be available to interact with the students in multiple phone conferences, if not in person.

So, anyone game out there?


0 thoughts on “Do You Want Some Free Survey Research?

  1. Thomas Pleil

    Robert, maybe you have different intensions – but I wonder how Bloggers like Social Media News Releases. Has anyone done a survey asking this? And if not: Would this be an interesting topic for a survey done by your students?

  2. Robert

    Thanks Thomas. You know, a survey of say the Feedburner or Technorati 500 might be an interesting survey. I pick them as they are the most likely to be pitched and that gives us a list.

    I do have some students considering that survey, only targeted to journalists instead of bloggers.

    It is a good idea and we’ll discuss it in class. Thanks, Thomas.