Kat Herding :: The Way A Satirical Blog Oughta Be

Kat Herding is my favorite faux blog – for now. I know. I’m late to the party.

“Mixing hat tips and vias is generally a good practice to adopt…”

The pullquote is just one example of the vacuous fluff they parody each day. Although, I fear, that may have been pulled verbatim from some PR blog somewhere.

And, after all, Kat and Jeremy have done such wonderful photo shoots, ya’ just can’t help but revel in their Jack and Jill of all trades mentality.

Kat Herding University of PhoenixFinding this image on the site was particularly funny, especially given this recent post. I wonder how many “finds” like this are being reported back to the authors.

Most faux / character blog attempts have been painfully unreal, or simply boring to read. Kat Herding, however, is frighteningly real.

My favorite thus far? Read I just thought this was so pretty. And don’t miss I’m in the book – look me up. Favorites?  Why?  Perhaps that is because I have nightmares of just such painfully serious posts coming from a student. Yet another reason I now encourage my students to begin blogging with their first name (or my favorite, Biff), only.

Also, I must admit, the hidden embed of the YouTube Enya video is such a nice touch. Good job, um… Jeremy? I thought you were fired recently?

So, kudos to the site contributors: Jeneane Sessum and Chris Locke. The site has been added to a lesson plan for beginning bloggers as a must read. Thanks.

Also, congratulations for having the true character to identify yourselves after the joke made its point. It never works to try and continue the charade. It never lasts and, instead of playing a joke, you become the joke.


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  1. Kat Herding


    I am saddened to hear that you think Kat Herding Media is some sort of satire. People have always made fun of me because (I know) I am a little gullible. But I want you and your students to know that I have worked very hard on my blog, and even if I sometimes make mistakes, I can always fall back on my self-esteem affirmations. I hope you will come back to sample some of the other lovely music we’ve been finding for you.