Nonprofit Blog Exchange :: Two Fine Blog Examples

Nonprofit Blog Exchange is holding yet another round of shared linking / writing exercises for our members.

I am writing about both the Trauma Treatment for Children blog by Patricia Wilcox and the Nonprofit Consultant blog of Ken Goldstein.

I did these posts for Camp ASCCA, but thought it might be good to share the sites over here. These are two good examples of how blogs can work in the nonprofit sector. Also, visit the Nonprofit Blog Exchange for many other nonprofit uses of social media.

For our second blog in this round of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange, we visit Patricia Wilcox’s Trauma Treatment for Children blog.

This blog is an emotional reading experience. Patricia discusses all manner of issues addressed at a facility dealing with traumatized children. Recently, Patricia wrote, “More and more I see a lot of our kids’ behaviors as desperate attempts to avoid being vulnerable.”

…Explores the theory and practice of trauma informed and relationship based treatment for children and adolescents…

Throughout the blog, Patricia:

Explores the theory and practice of trauma informed and relationship based treatment for children and adolescents, using the Restorative Approach.

Patricia’s posts range from children acting out on a wide array of issues from boyfriend problems to foster parent dislikes.

Honestly, this one of the most fascinatingly open blogs I’ve ever read. Seriously, Patricia is unbelievable open about the issues they face daily in their facility. Further, she goes beyond sharing the incidents and delves into the causes of the children’s behaviours. There is teaching and learning going on in this blog.

Patricia’s blog is actually one of the best blog’s I’ve ever read. If this site cannot serve to inform and educate her key audiences and stakeholders, then no blog can. Yes, it can be difficult to read since you’re in effect living through the pain of these children. But, for a facility that is trying to tell their story, the blog works.

Nonprofit blogs from around the world are joining together for a networking project sponsored by the Nonprofit Blog Exchange.

Visit the blog nonprofit consultant and freelance grant writer, Ken Goldstein, of California.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Ken Goldstein.

Ken has been “working in nonprofits and local government agencies since 1989. His many years of senior management experience includes executive director and regional director positions, as well as consulting an serving on nonprofit boards. Mr. Goldstein has a Master of Public Policy and Administration from CSU Sacramento and a BA in Politics from UC Santa Cruz.”

Ken Goldstein logoKen kindly wrote about ASCCA’s use of video to enhance your nonprofit’s Web site back in October.

Since then, Ken has kept a flow of interesting posts coming. One post discusses the difficulties nonprofits – aside from hospitals and colleges – are experiencing in fund raising. According to Ken, a recent study shows that “the growth of the nonprofit sector has outpaced the growth of the economy over the past decade.” The problem is, hospitals and colleges are accounting for 70.3 percent of the nonprofit sector’s revenue. Yet, they account for only about 13 percent of public reporting charities. This leaves all the other sectors – like disability service programs like ASCCA – battling for that remaining 30 percent. And, remember, we’re talking about 30 percent nationwide. Check out the post and give us your thoughts.

Ken also has his business Web site – Ken Goldstein, MPPA – Goldstein Consulting – where he explains the services he offers in the areas of “Facilitation, Training, Grant Writing, and Management & Program Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations.”