Now Offers Personalized Widgets

For some time, users of have desired the ability to personalize their sidebars. Now, that is possible.

…making your blog look the way you want it makes sense and will help us gain users

Widgets have arrived at This will add significant functionality and likely please existing and new users.

Fiddling with plugins, I’ve been able to get Widgets to work on

Pretty cool. Visit the example blog at to see how they look.

In the sidebar, you will see – from the topwidget interface

Pretty nice, huh. Currently widgets only work on two themes – default and classic – but we’ll fix that over the coming week.

I’ll be going through and identifying themes that will work with widgets. All don’t, by the way, and it will likely take awhile for “all” to be made widget friendly. But, I’ll come back and identify the ones I find that work both with widgets and WordPress MU, the versions of WordPress we are running at

I’ll consider adding other widgets, if you wish to suggest them. I’m thinking that I’ll not put the PHP execute widget in as that is a security issue. But, there are others out there and I’m open to considering them, if you wish.

Update: Themes that work with widgets on are now these…

  • WordPress Classic
  • WordPress Default
  • whiteasmilk
  • Impact
  • Clasikue_v1.1
  • Clean Look
  • Gespaa_v2
  • Letterhead
  • Equix
  • Hiperminimalist
  • Minim8
  • Radmod
  • ZigZag
  • and more to come…

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