Auburn’s Jimmy Wales :: PR’s Real Perils :: Blogs for Teachers

Three different stories to consider today.

…all three articles address issues we all need to think about in regard to transparency and they do it in different ways…

First, thanks to Richard Bailey, of PR Studies, via Forward Blog, we find what may be the best article about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales – to date. It appears in the UK’s Telegraph magazine. Great read. I highly recommend checking it out.

The interview and article go into great depth. They discuss many of the issues Wikipedia has had to address, of late. Just one of those is transparency.

Sidenote: I know Wales’ is not Auburn’s alone, but he did start his higher education as a plainsman. We’re proud of him and happy to say he graduated from the loveliest village. In fact, I wish he’d come back to see us. I know the students would love to hear about Wikipedia. He’s creative, we know. But, check out how Wales’ worked with his daughter to create a Creative Commons Jack O’ Lantern this year. Pretty cool. Thought it worth sharing.

OK, got a bit off track there. Sorry. It is Halloween, after all.

Second, we have The Flack, Peter Himler, recounting the many discussions (a kind word in some instances) revolving around the many PR blog flapdoodles we’ve seen this year. His closing call to action is worthy of consideration:

Me thinks that the industry needs to take serious stock in our trade…before the brave new world we’ve stumbled into slams the door shut at a most propitious time in our history.

Last, but definitely not least, we have John Palfrey of the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. He has created a Top Ten Sources list entitled Blogs for Teachers. A great list and yet another good use for the Top Ten Sources site’s useful tools.

I know, you’re wondering what in the world that has to do with transparency. Well, check out the link Palfrey provides at the bottom of his post. It is a link to his disclosures page. He offers it because he is involved with the Top Ten Sources project. The disclosure is quite inclusive, too. This, I believe, may serve well to show how such a link could appear in any post where the author has a stake in something she/he writes about in their blogs.

Many thanks to Palfrey, Himler and Bailey for sharing these valuable learning opportunities.  Oh, my transparency here … I found all of these because they kindly linked to me in one way or another.