Robert Scoble Interviews Australian Wiki Providers

We have discussed wikis in class. The most recent example, aside from our own exercises, relates to a former student that pitched wikis to her new bosses – Wall Street lawyer-types doing mergers and acquisitions.

…wikis are powerful tools and this video will provide you with a few new ways to think about using them…

Her bosses took her suggestion to heart and, as she recently reported to me, they have the IT department working on implementing them for their business practices.

Pod Tech LogoRobert Scoble’s ScobleShow offers an interesting interview with Mike Cannon-Brookes, CEO of Atlassian and Jonathan Nolan, director of Atlassian’s developer relations. Their firm is offering “Enterprise Wikis, Project Management, Bug Tracking … (or) enterprise software solutions to the world’s leading organisations.”

Cannon-Brookes made one remarkable statement. He revealed that among Atlassian’s customers “pretty much every major American investment bank is a customer.” He also noted that SAP and Oracle are customers of his company.

So, students may gain a little insight into who and why companies are using wikis from this interesting interview. Go watch it, please.

Update: Speaking of wikis, here are two Peanut Butter wikis from UK educators Richard Bailey and Philip Young. These are fine growing resources. The mediations – Resources for students of PR, Journalism, Social Software, Media Ethics and the PR BOOKS – Recommended sources for public relations wiki. And, as always, we can not forget the NewPR/Wiki from Constantin Basturea.


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  2. Patrick

    Wiki Wiki Wiki…no that’s not a deejay with a turn-table, that’s the sound of social media at work. Wikis are a strange breed, but a very helpful one at that. It will probably be a staple in business for a company’s website to contain a wiki so that members of that company can freely edit contents and style. It’s hard to believe that wikis are just now catching on, but like us students at Auburn University, we are all learning. I think I should start my own wiki service…or I’ll just leave it to the big guns.

  3. Mike Cannon-Brookes


    Thanks for watching, I’m glad someone is watching the video! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A few points to add that might be helpful to you.

    As to customers, we’re not just in American investment banks but a lot of banks generally. Finance is a huge sector for us, almost across the board they are loving the wiki. We have a publicly available list of customers (not all customers, those who have agreed to be referenced) online. You can see there are a lot of financial institutions there from around the globe.

    At Office 2.0 this week there was a lot of discussion about how to get large enterprises to embrace wikis, but the fact is a lot of them already have. The depth and breadth of our Confluence customer base seemed to surprise a lot of people I talked to.

    As to being an “Australian wiki provider” – we are an Australian company, but only ~3% of our customers are in Australia. 45% of them are in North America (US and Canada), 40% are in Western Europe. The point being – wikis are not an American phenomenon, they’re all around the world.

    Beyond that – I’m sure you’ve seen it but I’ll link it here anyway in case – Stewart Mader’s Wikis in Education site is brilliant for people interested in the cross section between those two topics.

    Thanks again for the link!


  4. Robert

    Thank you, Mike. Great points and I appreciate you visiting and sharing with us.

    Also, thanks for the numbers on who your customers are – and where. I know you are an international firm. The Australia reference was just my attempt at a shout out to people like Lee Hopkins, Paull Young and Ross Monaghan. We’re all proud of Ward Cunningham over here in the US, but realize that wikis have spread all over the world. And, from what I’ve learned of you and your company, it seems like you are leading the charge. Congrats!

    I am familiar with Stewart Maderโ€™s site and have been, coincidently, creating a list of references for educators re: wikis. His site is on there. I’m wondering if you have many/any education clients. Or, are companies using them for education purposes in-house. I’d love to learn of (or even see) those sites. To learn of them – if only to know that they are happening behind firewalls – will be interesting examples to share with others. Wikis really intrigue me as a powerful tool in education.

    Thanks for coming by. Hope we may interview you, too, one day. Maybe get you on the phone for a Skype conference with my class? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again.

    All the best.