UAB Web Communications Group Links

Here are the websites representing the topics I was going to discuss Friday with the UAB Web Communications Group at their luncheon in Birmingham, Alabama.

UAB Web Communications maintain(s) the UAB front door and coordinate(s) UAB’s official Web pages

The links are divided into six sections. The are: Introductory Sites, Marketing via Social Media, XPRL and Standards, Books, Podcasts and the Loveliest Village class exercises.

This was to be a follow up presentation which grew out my recent visit to the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama at the Saint Vincent’s Bruno’s Center.

I hope I may one day make it up to the UAB Web Communications Group. I offer my apologies for not being able to make it on Friday.

Here are the links:

Introductory Sites and two books
Blogrolls, Resources, Aggregators, Meme Rank, Social Media Marketing Examples

College Marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management/Marketing) and PR via social media

Examples of Marketing via Social Media

Social Media Club and Web Reporting Standards

More Books (Amazon links)

Other Podcasts

Auburn Classroom Example Sites


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