Josh Hallett Returns To Auburn University

For the second time, Josh Hallett has kindly offered to visit with our class and discuss social media and marketing.

…Josh has contributed to Marcomblog, almost from the beginning, and continues to interact with students despite his busy travel schedule…

Of late, Josh has been making big news with his blog. The senatorial campaign of Katherine Harris was outed by Josh regarding their outsourcing of blog relations tactics to India.

Last week, Josh kicked off his successful BlogOrlando unconference. That garnered many attendees and a lot of blog traffic, too. Technorati and for examples of the blog talk centered on blogorlando.

hyku blog logoJosh understands blogs and social media. A frequent invited speaker at many conferences, Josh has built a popular online presence, including his blog – hyku. Hyku currently has a Technorati ranking, for example, of 8,315 (out of 60 million blogs) and he has 885 links from 281 blogs referring to his site.

We look forward to welcoming Josh back to the Loveliest Village on the Plains. Thanks, Josh, for your support and help over the years.

Update: Kristin Hill interviewed Josh and we’ll have that interview up on the Loveliest Village blog later this week.