Blog Orlando Kicks Off Today :: Congrats to Josh Hallett

Blog Orlando is an un-conference created by Josh Hallett and friends in Orlando, Florida. Their efforts have proven fruitful as about 88 people are making the trip to Rollins College for a weekend of learning and sharing.

Congratulations to Josh Hallett for a successful start to BlogOrlando

For some background on the event, check out Josh’s post – Yep It’s Free – There’s No Catch – about how it all came about.

Also visit the conference main site – – and their blog at BlogOrlando : September 22-24, 2006 : Orlando, Florida.

Congratulations and best wishes to Josh and all of the attendees. Wish I could be there.


0 thoughts on “Blog Orlando Kicks Off Today :: Congrats to Josh Hallett

  1. drew

    love the pull quotes. you are right. we owe thanks to josh. looking forward to meeting you more in person. i am sitting in the third row trying to figure out who is who. hahahah!