Society for New Communication Research :: Awards Submissions

Following Neville Hobson’s lead, I wish to inform you of the pending deadlines for the Society for New Communication Research (SNCR) awards program. Mission: To investigate, develop, share and transfer in-depth and forward-facing insights resulting from our deep ongoing study, learning, and continuous mastery of new communications tools and technologies with the academic community and industry for the promotion of best practices.

The Inaugural SNCR Research Symposium / 1st Anniversary & Awards Celebration will be held November 1 – 2 at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, Mass.

SNCR will also host a Skypcast on August 29th, 11:00am PT.

The Society for New Communications Research will host its first Skypecast on Tuesday, August 29th at 11am PT. The focus will be the SNCR Awards program. We will review the categories, criteria and answer questions for those interested in submitting entries.

Mike Manuel has a good post at Media Guerrilla – SNCR Awards, Seeking Case Studies. Visit Mike’s blog for more details.

Case study nominations are being accepted here,” writes Manuel. I encourage you to check out the program and consider a submission in business, academic or professional case studies.

Full disclosure: I am listed on the Research Fellows / Advisory Board for SNCR and support the organization’s goals and activities. I have also been remiss in posting this for a long time. My apologies.


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