Camp ASCCA :: Best Group of Posts So Far

OK I know I’m posting about something I’m working with, and a big cheerleader for, but I believe that Danielle and Katie have put together their best group of posts so far this summer.

Seriously, they are doing something unique in nonprofit social media. Check out the July 2nd string of ASCCA posts for audio, video and more. It was the first check-in day for a physically disabled camp at ASCCA captured online.

…I still believe that what Danielle and Katie are doing with social media at ASCCA is one of the most unique implementations online…

What’s so good about them? Well, they have captured the feelings of parents and family members and what they go through on a check-in day. It is that angst of leaving their children at camp. This is probably more angst ridden than what most parents experience due to the unique character of the population we serve – disabled children and adults.

Feel free to post your critiques, too. Hey, as good as the posts are, I noticed a few nicks here and there that we can improve upon. We’d like some feedback from outside the camp family. Still, the work they are doing is admirable and I’m thankful for what they are doing.

So, do us a favor, please. Go visit Katie and Danielle’s summer internship work online. Thanks.