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The Camp ASCCA interns have been doing a wonderful job creating a new site highlighting the therapeutic recreation activities at ASCCA, Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults. Visit the Camp ASCCA Journal to see their work. Do them a favor, too. Comment on one of their posts. This work deserves recognition.

From audio interviews to video excerpts from camp activities, Katie and Danielle have been posting to the site consistently for over 3 weeks, now. There are currently 21 podcasts, audio excerpts, on the site and 17 videos. Danielle at golf tournamentAs the camp picks up steam (with five full weeks of physically disabled summer camps to go) you can expect a lot more to appear in the Camp ASCCA Journal. Dont’ forget, the camp is open year-round and campers keep coming each and every month.

Camp ASCCA bannerKatie (below) and Danielle (above) are doing their internship and gaining experience in creating multimedia content, writing and much more. An extra bonus of the internships, aside from the fun of being at camp, is that they are paid internships. Housing and meals are also provided.

Katie and camperJust go read their posts, listen to their podcasts and and view their videos and posts. I believe you’ll come away with the belief that they are particularly enjoying being with the counselors and campers very much. It is often the result that a work experience at Camp ASCCA can change your life. It may well send them off in new directions with a new outlook on life, let alone work or PR.

Please go visit Danielle and Katie’s work – and comment on a post or two. You’ll have fun and also make their day, too.

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  1. Robert

    Hello, Milos. Thank you, I think. As for an “accosting” layout and discussion, I’ll agree on the layout and discussions about disability and therapeutic recreation. I like the clean white/blue design of the theme very much. The code is from Tony Geer, with a few modifications, and it is a clean design, I agree.

    If you mean “accosting” the way it could be taken, I’ll assure you – that’s not the goal. We just want to start a discussion about people with disabilities and how able they truly are.  My hope is that the photos, video, audio and more will start to drive traffic to the site and help develop an appreciation for therapeutic recreation.  It would be wonderful if the site could encourage other communities to adopt and offer such activities for their children and adults around the world.

    As for the “girls” you refer to at, they are they counselors, staff and campers. With a small PR/Web staff – and trying to post as much as possible – we’ve foresaken the naming of each person in each photo we post. I’d love to be able to put first names on all of them, but when you are posting hundreds of photos each day, it gets difficult.

    Thanks for stopping by, Milos. I like your blog, too. The design is terrific and very clean. Great job. All the best.

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