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A few recent posts from Andrea Weckerle, at New Millennium PR, spurred me on to write about our social media internship experiment, again. Andrea mentioned Flickr, in the previous link, and turned me on to the nonprofit “Fundraising Technology” podcast.

…experimenting with social media / new media for Easter Seals Camp ASCCA this summer…

New media / social media internships are rather new, I imagine. Well, Katie and Danielle, two of my students, are now heavily into theirs with Easter Seals Camp ASCCA. The camp is the world’s largest facility of its kind. We believe that this may be the single largest social media effort out there from one organization, especially one the size of Camp ASCCA.

Danielle and Katie are using blogs, video, audio, Flickr, YouTube, Google Video and more in their effort to build a community for the thousands of campers, parents, volunteers that visit ASCCA, volunteer to build and improve the camp, donate to the camp and those that have worked there as counselors and program staff, among other duties.

Among the posts Katie and Danielle have pulled together so far, check out the following: Tubing at Camp ASCCA (Video), Interview with Katie Stewart – Horseback Director (Audio), A video of Amber Tilson talking about Camp ASCCA, and Photos in the ASCCA Flickr section devoted to Camp Seale Harris.

Please give them a look. If you want to make some students happy, give Danielle and Katie some encouragement with your comments. They’ll appreciate your feedback, too. If you want to make their day, link to their efforts and write about it.

Add on: Well, the post kept crashing and I lost this section with a reference to Kami Huyse and her post about “Goals and Objectives to Measure Success.” We are working on one of those for the students, as well as the blog, in our effort, too.  Look for that post down the road, soon.


0 thoughts on “Nonprofit Social Media :: New Media Internships

  1. shelby

    Hey Robert, I’ve enjoyed working with audacity,skype, and hotrecorder, and I look foward to learning how to use some of the other tools that you mentioned in this article. I’ve always enjoyed photography, and last semester I took photojournalism, and although I enjoy it, I didn’t feel I could make a career out of it. However after seeing how some parts of pr are moving in this direction, toward the digital world, I am becoming more excited about possibly getting a job as a pr agent instead of being in pharmaceutical sales. I’ve been asked to blog on auburn’s website and I am going to toss out the idea of maybe adding some podcasts and video’s through YouTube to the website as well.

  2. Robert

    Great Shelby! I am so glad that this is helping to open up new thoughts for a career in PR. I’m also happy to hear that you are one of the students that will be blogging on the new Auburn student site. Hope you will throw in some podcasts and vlog entries, too. Great news.