Australians, Americans, Mexicans and Spaniards :: Education in Blogs and Podcasts

Coincidences. I love them. Of late, the podcasting coincidences are overflowing, and this is a good thing.

Over the past few days, I’ve been communicating with some of the good people at Deakin University in Australia. Ross Monaghan has his students blogging with us at He has begun a podcasting site with his colleague Colleen Murrell entitled

…social media, or CMS, offers educators and students greater reach and exposure to real world practitioners and the issues they face daily…

At the same time, Ashley Imsand is writing about podcasting at the Forward blog. She references Octavio Rojas and Eric Schwartzman. Schwartzman shares some selling points about podcasting “for a client proposal” he created recently.

• Allows listeners to time-shift and place-shift media consumption
• 100% efficiency, since episodes are only downloaded by listeners on an opt-in basis
• Easily accessible to a global audience that is not defined by geographic boundaries
• Access to an educated, influential audience with a high disposable income
• Ability to leverage electronic programming without an outside news media filter
• Most cost effective electronic media distribution channel available

Ashley’s colleagues, Erin Caldwell and Luke Armour, are being featured in the Edelman earshot podcast, hosted by Phil Gomes. The podcast has, by the way, a rather funny (yet morbid) postscript to it. You’ll have to listen. (To Phil: Mine was forest ranger.)

That’s a whole lotta podcasting and discussion of podcasting, folks.

I’m loving this. Why, you ask?

Above you see several examples of wonderful information being shared. No pot shots were taken. Everyone signed their names. All of the discussion is relatively transparent. Comments are allowed and add to the learning experiences. No one is hiding. All are taking chances by sharing their thoughts. And what, I ask you, is wrong with that? Nothing.

I offer these great examples in advance of my next post about social media. Hey, there is a dead Greek and more. It’ll be fun.

0 thoughts on “Australians, Americans, Mexicans and Spaniards :: Education in Blogs and Podcasts

  1. Luke

    Robert, can this be coincidence? I have a dead greek story as well! Can’t wait to chat with you about it. Thanks for the link. It’s great to see you so excited about social media STILL. And, it’s the end of the semester, where DO you find your energy?!

  2. Robert

    Great, Luke. I look forward to reading yours, too.

    I do like what social media may accomplish (if used wisely), but I also find myself wondering why some people use it for nonsense. That’s part of what my next post is about.

    I think some folks need to remember that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something.

    It especially perturbs me to see adults acting like five-year-olds. But, alas I’m not surprised.