Students Always Leave … We Miss Them, But Are Always Proud of Them, Too

Very happy to report good news for one of our own. Erin Caldwell is going to Washington to work with Vice President Mike Krempasky and others.

We are very proud of Erin and all of our students. Honestly, we do have a wonderful group of quite intelligent – and very hilarious, I might add – students each and every semester. That’s why I truly love my job. The students make it all worthwhile.

…our grads are all over the world practicing in large firms, and small… they are in gov’t, industry, nonprofits and more…

Read about Erin’s great news in her blog: Erin Caldwell’s PRblog » Miss Caldwell Goes to Washington. Lest we forget, we have other successful students, too.

Erin is joining a long list of Auburn grads inside the beltway. Paige Bagby is also headed to Washington. They called and recurited Paige back to her old internship stomping grounds at a lobbying firm in D.C. Others practicing PR in Washington? Maggie Landry is there with the McGinn Group – and she’s blogging. On Capitol Hill, Shea Snider is Congressman Mike Rogers’ Press Secretary.

Erin isn’t the first to join Edelman, either. Lauren Schuler works for Edelman, in Atlanta. Many others are – and have been – with the firm, too. The Atlanta office is doing quite well. Just last year, the Edelman Atlanta office received “Agency of the Year” honors from the IABC.

Amy Lee is in New York working with the Financial Times and Jessica Stephens is with Publicis in Atlanta. Publicis was recently announced as AdWeek’s US Media Agency of the Year.

Some day I should do one long post with examples of all the students we have out there, coast to coast – and overseas. They really are everywhere. I feel kinda bad just mentioning these students because there are so many out there – and here on campus – doing great things each and every day.

So, forgive my lil’ bit of self-congratulatory flag waving for our students. We love them. They make us proud every day. All of them.


0 thoughts on “Students Always Leave … We Miss Them, But Are Always Proud of Them, Too

  1. Richard Bailey

    Congratulations to Erin and your other successful students; congratulations to you too for your innovative approach to PR and blogging. It’s clearly beginning to pay dividends.

  2. Dee Rambeau

    you are more than entitled to wave your self-congratulatory flag. Every university program has professors who are proud of their departing students. Not every university program is innovative and prepares their students for the “real” marketplace. By leading your classes into the world of online PR, you’ve truly equipped them to be more qualified in some cases than industry veterans.

    You should be proud and you deserve to have students like Erin and others out there representing your efforts at Auburn.

  3. Robert

    Richard and Dee, thank you very much.

    All of these examples help me realize that we are on the right path. Our program still needs to grow and adapt, but seeing our students succeed in a variety of practices does provide fuel to our personal fires.

    I am also not too jaded to fail in realizing that all the contacts and friends we have made in the online PR world are due to these students. Without the students, I’m quite certain that Marcomblog would not exist, for example. I would not likely find people too interested in my blog, either.

    That’s just my little personal transparency statement.

    I’m proud of them and appreciate them, too. I won’t hesitate to wave the flag again in the future.

    Thank you both for your kind comments.

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  5. Erin Caldwell

    Somehow, “thank you” just doesn’t cut it. Many thanks? Thanks a million?

    I think I’ll just make a t-shirt that says “Robert French deserves a raise” and parade around Tichenor in it. Yeah …

    Oh, but then everyone will want one. Better make several …

  6. Robert French

    Thank you, Erin. We’re very proud of you and happy for your new adventure.

    You’ll have a fun and learn a great deal. Enjoy it.

    The t-shirt idea is sweet – and funny. Thanks. You’re right that everyone in the department will want one … not the t-shirt – the raise. 😉

    Take care and don’t forget us down here in Auburn. We’ll miss you.