PubSub Parity

…The list includes PR weblogs as well as other RSS-enabled news sources in online PR…

Um, I don’t know how long this will last … but, every PR blog is tied for first at PubSub. 😀

The experience called “PubSub LinkRank scores” is akin to a roller coaster that has been hijacked by the Devil (thank you, George Carlin). Where is Scott Baradell? He’d love watching this wild ride.

PubSub Community Lists: The PR List

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0 thoughts on “PubSub Parity

  1. Steven Cohen

    It’s our way of showing love to everyone. 🙂

    Actually, right now, I don’t see that everyone is tied for first. That said, we have been seeing a few issues over the past few days that we have been dealing with. We’re getting there. Thanks for bearing with us.

    -Steven Cohen
    PubSub Concepts, Inc

  2. Robert French

    Forgive me, Steven. I was just poking a bit of fun.

    It was just a snapshot in time and I’m not surprised that it has changed already. Wish I’d taken a screen shot. It was a big sea of blue with every blog ranked #1.

    I like PubSub and use your tools. They are good and appreciated.

  3. Robert

    It does, Constantin. But this was a blip and everyone only lost 15 seconds of their fame. So, there is still hope for the remaining 14 minutes.

  4. scott

    poor, steven. the problems with pubsub are obviously beyond his to correct, and he is left to explain everything away as “a few issues over the past few days.” i think steven’s a nice guy, but i will offer pubsub some pr advice:

    1. Admit the obvious. LinkRank currently does not work.
    2. Tell us what you are doing, specifically, to fix the problems.
    3. Temporarily pull down all functionality on PubSub that is not working well, and build from whatever core competencies you have.

    Otherwise, I’d have to guess that PubSub is doomed.