Marcomblog Becomes More Worldly and Gender Representative

Marcomblog has grown to 15 contributors. This makes me happy … for a variety of reasons.

First of all, Marcomblog is quite easily the most successful aspect of all our classroom blogging efforts. The students love the site and the contributors. I frequently hear back from students after they graduate. I have had several mention Marcomblog as their favorite part of all the blogging activities. The current students feel the same way, I believe, too.

By the way, we invite all PR educators around the world to participate in Marcomblog. Encourage your students to read the posts from our contributors and comment. Start a conversation with them. And, I invite all that read this blog to write about Marcomblog. OK, I’ll beg you to blog about it. 😀 We need to reach more PR professionals and educators to share this wonderful resource. So, blog away about Marcomblog, please.

So, allow me to introuduce our newest Marcomblog contributors … generous mentoring volunteers all!

…Marcomblog seeks to be a global mentoring program for all students…

Susan Getgood at Marketing Roadmaps.

Susan Getgood“Susan Getgood was among the pioneers in introducing children and parents to the Internet as an expert in online safety and General Manager of Cyber Patrol, one of the world’s first Internet filters. Her 20+ years in the computer software industry included leading a global marketing team as Senior Vice President of Marketing for SurfControl, with offices in the U.S., England, Australia and seven other countries. A results-oriented strategic marketer, Susan knows how to build brands using technology, policy and good old fashioned high-quality products. In 2004, she founded GetGood Strategic Marketing Inc. to help bring blogs into the mix as an indispensable marketing tool. Today, her firm helps public and private companies and organizations build brands and drive revenue with integrated marketing and communications strategies. Her own blog is Marketing Roadmaps, which is part of the Corante Network.” Visit Susan’s full bio.

Lee Hopkins at Better Communication Results.

Lee HopkinsLee is “a psychology and communications consultant, (He) works with companies and individuals to help them communicate better for better business results.” Lee is currently working several clients, including Effective Consulting, TalkingClassifieds, ANETS NEIS, Eastside SA Inc., and Invisage Australia. He writes, at Hopkins Business Communication, “After many years of being stunned at how badly some business people communicate visually, verbally and in writing, I decided to set up a website full of tips and ideas on how you can communicate more effectively… all aimed at helping YOU communicate better for better business results.” Visit Lee’s blog.

Kami Huyse at Communication Overtones.

Kami HuyseKami Huyse is from San Antonio, Texas and authors the Communication Overtones blog. Kami “has been working in public relations and communications since 1994. She is the principal of My PR Pro, an independent agency that specializes in assembling expert teams of independent professionals to meet the strategic needs of clients.” In a recent post on PR and blogging, Kami writes

I think the role of public relations as a facilitator, making sure that access is granted to those that need it, which is much different that a gatekeeper role, “I decide what you will know.” We must be experts in knowing what the stakeholders of the companies we work for need and we must also be very close to the leadership and the employees of those companies to act as the stakeholders advocate at the decision-making table.

Visit Kami’s blog.

Andrea Weckerle at New Millennium PR.

Andrea WeckerleAndrea specializes “specialize in online and offline public relations and advertising copywriting for agencies/firms, associations, organizations and other businesses. Building upon the skills I learned as a former management consultant, licensed attorney and trained mediator – the ability to understand a broad range of issues, think strategically, and condense large amounts of complex information into a succinct message – I create public relations and advertising materials that raise product and service awareness, enhance client credibility, educate consumers and the public, and help advance my clients’ overall goals.” Visit Andrea’s full bio.

I am thrilled to welcome all of our new contributors. Please visit Marcomblog and read their posts and the posts from the other 11 contributors from around the world. Visit the Marcomblog Contributor’s page in the wiki for further details, too.