75 Degrees South :: Antarctica By Blog

You are going to love this blog. 75 degrees south. I just found it and I am only sad that I just found it today.

The blog is written by Simon – 75 degrees south. Had to give you the link again. It is a fun read.

…Antarctica by blog… a wonderful idea that reminds me of Ben Saunders…

If ever there was a wonderful blog to help promote scientific research being done in an out of the way place, this is it. Simon writes in a fun, friendly style and – although he couldn’t post a lot – he does leave the assignment on the southern side of planet Earth with a wonderful gift to us all.

Simon’s effort reminds me of Ben Saunders, the polar explorer that promotes his journeys via blog. In fact, Ben even markets his expeditions through his blog. And, Saunders obtained an endorsement from Nike – in part – through his blogging activities.

Simon has now finished his two plus years living at the bottom of the globe. I’ve written to him and hope to hear back. His odyssey is one that I think anyone will enjoy.

One of the things I like most about his blog is how the posts actually serve purposes he likely did not intend. His accounts of life there serve to promote the experience quite well to any future adventurous souls that might wish to follow his path. I recently, believe it or not, started to think of how individuals undertake public relations and media relations efforts from remote locations. Simon has answered that question. Do it online … with a blog.

I’ll let you know if I hear back from Simon. Until then, check out his blog at 75 degrees south.

Update: Simon has written back and he is very nice. He shared something I had not found. The Halley station actually has online diaries! Visit the Diaries of the Halley Station here. Thanks, Simon.