I Am A Nobody

I.A.N.It is a proud day for me. I’m happy to affirm and confirm, publicly, that I am a nobody.

I already knew that. Trust me, I’m reminded of it daily. I imagine everyone else did, too. But, again, how could you because … well, I’m a nobody.

I owe it all to Ike Pigott via Allan Jenkins’ new I’m nobody… who are you? blog.

I’m A Nobody

Why do I feel like an extra in the “I am Spartacus” choir, though? :grin:Very funny post, Allan. I unite with my brothers and sisters. Glad to be in the Nobody Circle.


0 thoughts on “I Am A Nobody

  1. Ike Pigott

    Robert, as a UA grad, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve been a Nobody since the day you set foot on the plains!

    (rim shot for the cheap shot.)

    Hope the tornados leave the Loveliest Little Village alone. And War Eagle.

  2. Robert

    Andrea, thanks for the welcome. I don’t know what they think as I haven’t seen most of them today and the one group I did see had to take a test. To say they were cranky would be an understatement.

    I’ll ask them on Monday after they’ve cooled off with a fun weekend.

    Ike, I can see this devolving into a string of Auburn/Alabama jokes 😀 which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ll just resist the temptation since you’re going out into tornado alley on Red Cross assignment this weekend. Take care of yourself and remember to move ‘away’ from the tornado. 😉