1366 Respondents In One Afternoon :: Student Survey Research

Final projects are underway. One of my survey research groups has experienced significant success for their clients.

…survey research experience is important for PR professionals…

I’m quite proud of them. Sorry, I can’t reveal the client or the survey focus until after they have completed their work. But, this is quite a significant response. Their entire population (potential respondent pool) is approximately 22,000 people. They were able to reach all of them through email. So far they have a six percent response rate. Pretty good.

With all the talk of late about measurement in PR, I think this illustrates (in our small way) that students are being exposed to appropriate survey research methodology and tactics in the classroom. They will be prepared to implement research for their new employers.

An interesting side story, the students are using an online survey distribution service. When they launched the survey, I was in another class. During the class, the survey was such a success that it actually bounced back 406 results because the account’s limits had been reached. Upon leaving class, I found an email from the students explaining the problem. So, I went in and upgraded the account. I didn’t really need to as they had already reached about 1,000 results (much more than I require). But, I wanted to see how well they would do (they’ve worked so hard). The previous record for a class survey with a similar respondent pool potential was 815, Well, this group blew them out of the water… and their survey isn’t over yet.

Congrats to the group. They are doing a great job. (Update: Overnight their total reached 1,476 total respondents. Add in the 406 that bounced and the group received 1,882 respondents.)
I think this speaks to the increased use and comfort level of certain populations with online services. That previous record was about 4 years ago.

Of course, we will review and publish the results for everyone in the student blogs at the end of the semester. I just wanted to do a quick update to my blog about the ongoing activities.

Testing out Qumana for blog posting.


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  2. Jen

    Wow, that is quite impressive. Can you fill us in on what type of survey distribution service you are using? I’m about to begin working on my thesis (related to new technology) and would be interested in conducting online surveys. However, the professors at my university (UCF) aren’t quite so up-to-date and have generally frown upon anything new. I so wish I’d known about you and your program at Auburn before I moved to Orlando…

  3. Robert

    Thanks, Jen.

    Well, this one you may be aware of because it is one of the online survey creators / distributors.

    For this one, we used Formsite.com. I like the site and we have used it for many surveys … faculty and student projects, alike.

    It always depends, of course, on the type of survey and the target audiences. But, we’ve had terrific results with surveys directed at 18 to 35 year old populations, for instance.

    There are other services, like Survey Monkey. Each has different tools, but the process of emailing and re-mailing is quite simple and successful.