Lightbox Plugin For WordPress 2.0 ala iStockPhoto and other sites

iStock Kid PhotoAlthough it isn’t working for me, I like this new plugin – Lightbox – from Mentor.This post is my attempt to get the plugin to work. So far, I’m not having much luck. Discussion in his blog shows that some code was incorrectly written. I’ll try all the suggested fixes. Others are experiencing similar problems, so I don’t feel completely stupid… just my usual level of stupid. 😀

One strange occurence I’m seeing now is that the WordPress upload photo function is now leaving off the directory of my blog. This means that the photos (even the thumbnails) don’t show up without editing the IMG SRC tag using the HTML button. So, any suggestions about where to find and fix that will be appreciated.

I will also be checking out this Lightbox JS 2.0 plugin to see if it will work. That one requires hacking into the code, which I prefer to avoid. (Doesn’t everyone?) So, we will see how it goes.

Right now, my ‘play time’ has expired, so I’ll have to revisit this later. As you can see, it isn’t working yet. Sorry.

The idea is that you upload the photo and get a thumbnail. Then, users may click on the thumbnail to get a javascript popup of the full image. There is also a version of the plugin that automatically determines the window size of your browser and scales the popup image to fit.

I see a lot of potential for this to make sharing photos and not have to popup a new window or direct people to a new page. So, I’m going to play with it. Forgive me the live changes that will likely occur.