Inside PR Podcast :: Welcome A New Pair of Voices

PR From Toronto, and Ottawa, welcome a new PR podcast to your iPod or computer. Inside PR is a “weekly Canadian public relations podcast hosted by Terry Fallis and David Jones (PRWorks).” Terry and David are from the Thornley Fallis group of companies, “Terry and David are President and Vice-President respectively” of Thornley Fallis Communications.

In the podcast, Terry and David state that this is not their company’s podcast, although they may discuss clients from time to time. Rather, it is two people with an interest, or a passion, for PR. They are stepping out to speak up and “take a look under the hood of the PR world, and ultimately to help redeem our profession.” The conversation goes on to discuss PR’s reputation problems.

…Canada doing good deeds … giving back! firms reaching out to universities…

Joseph Thornley, their boss, saluted the launch at his blog, ProPR. Both practitioners, Terry and David, bring a combined 33 years of PR experience to the microphone.

The first podcast includes a discussion of PR’s reputation, media training, and how several firms have teamed up to form the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms (CCPRF). From an initial group of four agencies, the CCPRF now has thirteen or fourteen participating firms. And, the part I loved the most, the group is working with universities in their area to see how they may address PR issues and concerns – the future of PR – together. Bravo!

Terry and David also discussed the upcoming event – Mesh, billed as Canada’s Web 2.0 conference. Overall, their first effort is a good introduction of the hosts and gives you a good idea of their interests and personalities.

I wish Terry and David the best in their new endeavor. I’ll be listening each week. You should check out the podcast, too. Students, crank up your iPods. I think these guys have a bright future in podcasting. The first podcast was enjoyable and quite well produced, too. It lasted about 36 minutes. Since I was multi-tasking, I even listened twice. 🙂

Congratulations on a good launch, gentlemen.

Thornley Fallis has three company blogs, by the way:

ProPR (
Dedicated to best PR practices, practitioners and building the ideal PR firm. Authored by Joseph Thornley, CEO of the Thornley Fallis Group.
PR Works (
David Jones explores working in and on the PR industry from a Canadian perspective.
shift+control (
shift+control is the blogspace of 76design, a creative services firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. The name comes from our content management system, shift+control, which happens to power the site.

Check those blogs out, too.


0 thoughts on “Inside PR Podcast :: Welcome A New Pair of Voices

  1. Joseph Thornley

    Thank you for covering the launch of Inside PR. And even more, thank you for picking up on the fact that we have several people blogging and podcasting. We’re all pretty excited about social media’s potential to enable us to transcend geography and time zones to meet, exchange views and learn from other PR practitioners. In fact, as I sit here reading my blog subscriptions, I feel like I am in an extended graduate seminar. There are so many smart, articulate people thinking about communications and adding to our understanding of best practices.

    This is an environment in which senior practitioners, novices and students can meet on level, open ground to exchange views and advance the practice of public relations. It is a great time to be in the business of communications. I think it is an even better time to be embarking on a career in PR. There are no boundaries on what we can do.

  2. Robert

    You are welcome, Joseph. My pleasure. I’ve enjoyed finding all of your firm’s blogs along the way. They are quite good.

    It is an exciting time in communication’s growth and especially for students preparing to enter the profession.

    I can’t agree more about the “graduate seminar” statement. I’ve learned more about PR, globally, by reading blogs and interacting with practitioners than I ever dreamed possible.

    I look forward to reading more from all of your blogs in the future.

  3. Terry Fallis

    Many thanks for the great exposure you’ve given Inside Pr. Now that we’ve taken the plunge, the challenge is to attract listeners who will help keep our feet to fire so we stick to our weekly commitment. Your post is sure to help and we’re grateful. We’re excited about this new endeavour and in particular, about how social media can and will change public relations. Onwards!

  4. Robert

    Happy to write about it, Terry.

    I want my students to listen. I believe you guys have a lot to offer them. This is what I love about blogs and podcasts. For instance, it isn’t every day they get to listen to the thoughts and ideas from a President (full partner with his name on the firm’s door) and a VP talking about PR. Seriously, this is that I think all PR educators should have their students listening to and reading.

    Call it supplemental education or work it into the curriculum. The value is there and I, for one, am thankful that you and others are willing to share you thoughts in such an open forum. Thanks!

  5. David Jones

    Yeah, Robert….what they said.

    And if I can figure out how to record Skype while also using an external mixer, we’ll be able to interview the leaders in our industry and include them on the podcast too. You’re right at the top of my list, so get your radio voice warmed up!

  6. Robert

    Thanks, David. Enjoyed the podcast very much.

    I think Shel Holtz can point you to the resources to accomplish that feat. Just searched his blog and didn’t find it, but I seem to remember him blogging about that very thing early on in FIR’s creation.

    I’ll be happy to chat with both of you some day. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

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